Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


9. starbucks

my eyes opened to the *beeeppp* my phone made i picked itup from the table and saw there was a new text "hey of course i remember you :p-harry" i smiled to myself "yay! fun night last night?-amelia" i pressed send feeling butterflies in my stomach, why do i always get that same feelings everytime i send a text to him.he then responded "great night last night want to hangout today?-harry" i thought for a moment "sure what time?-amelia" i pressed send and then adam walked in "why dident you sleep in bed?" he asked "because you were hogging it." i said "ohh, who are you textng?" he asked "just audrey." i lied  "so today i was thinking we go put shopping fr some furniture."adam smiled "what time?"i asked " tweleve noon."he smiled, my phone the beeped i picked it p and the read the text "how about in fifteen minutes?-harry" i texted back "sure.-amelia" i pressed send "ok sure." i said and ot up an walked to the walk in closet, and began to get dresed, i decided on wearing navy blue skinyy jeans,a purlple v neck shirt and a monster sweater that was neon green and said "rawr means i love you in dinousour" i walked out all dressed "i will be back in an hour or so." i told adam putting onym shoes "where are you going?" he asked "im going to geta coffie and then go for a walk." i lied he nodded.i then walkd outside and into my car and quickly texted harry "where am i meeting you at?-amelia" i waited for a response "starbucks?-hary" "alright works for me:)-amelia" i sent the text and began to drive. when i got to statbucks i checked the time "10:05" it read. i grabbed my purse and got out of the car and walked in. when i opened the door i saw the mop of curly hair and i smiled and walked towards it,he smiled when he saw me and i smiled back. "hey." harry greeted "hello." i smiled and sat on the chair oppisite of him "hows your day been?"he asked "pretty good, yours?" i asked "mine got a lot better when i saw you."he smiled "haha nice job there." i smiled to him he laughed "have you orderd anything yet?" i asked him "no not yet."he said. "well i am really craving a pumpkin spice latte so i am going to wait in line."i said "well then i am going to get a smoothie."harry said standing up from his chair "ok." i said we then both walked to line and gave the girl who had bonde hair in a pony tail,bright blue eyes and a figure that was skinny our order "i will have a grande pumpkin spice latte please." i said, i dont know why but ever since i tried one of those things i have been wanting them "i will have a medium mango smothie please."harry said the girl smiled "coming right up, so do you live near here?" the girl asked harry "no i live half an hour away."harry smiled "well my name is sophie and call me if you want to hang out or somthing."she smiled writting a number down, y mouth dropped this girl had guts flirting with harry, like cant she see hes with someone!? "i dont think  i will be neded your number."harry said then sophie glanced at me and gave me a dirty look and walked away. "bye!" i yelled to her and a laugh came from harry "what she was totally flirting with you." i stated  harry laughed  "dont worry iwold never go out with a girl like her, she seems too perfect."hary said "so your sayin im not perfect?" i questined "no not that. your wonderfl it just ummm."  he tryed to explain "i get it." i lauged "good." he said " i get im not as perfect as her." i said he then frowned "no what i meant was that she seemed too normal like any other girl but you on the other hand arent like any other girl i have meet your actually smart and i could tell you have been through a lot by the way you act."he said "im not sure if i should take that as a insult or a complement?" i questioned "a complement."he stated  i laughed. then his mango smoothie was done and my pumpkin spice latte was done. i took out my money to pay the cashior "you dont have to pay." harry sad taking out money "no its fine i have the money." i smiled to him "no but i want to pay, i just feel better if i ay."he said "ya well i am going to pay for my own." i statd he smirked "dont take her money."harry told the cashior she nodded "no dont take his money." i told her "harry just let me pay for my own thing." i told him "no dont worry i can pay."he said i sighed "you arent going to let me pay, are?" i questioned he "nope not going to let you pay."he said then i thought of a plan "o my gosh look over there!" i yelled to him he then looked where i was poiting and i quickly handed the cashior the money, harry  smirked "well played."he said "thanks." i smile sweetly and picked up my pumpkin spice latte and walked to a table with harry following behind me. we sat down "so what do you want to do today?"harry asked i checked my time ten thirty " i have to go at eleven thirty." i said he sighed "why?" he asked "i have some things to do." i responded "what kind of things?"he asked "nothing big just work and stuff." i lied "really?" he questioned "cant you cut today?" he asked i smiled " i wish i could but i cant." i said thinking about going furniture shopping with adam " i cant." i said he then grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye with his beutiful green orbs "please?" he asked i took my han away from his "sorry styles, i cant." i said "ok then when can i see you again?" he asked i thought for a miute "i dont know. i am so busy its not even funny i have so many things going on." i said, he sighed "well i am busy all next week.he said "wha are you doing?" i asked "some one direction tour promotion." he stated i  thought for a moment about the word one direction "hmm one direction i have heard that before." i stated "you know the song what makes you beautiful?"he asked "ohh ya thats were i heard it from.there musics pretty good actually but why would you be promoting the band?" i asked he laughed "because i am in  one direction.'he smiled my cheeks began to warm up"opps."  i said he laughed "sorry i just know yor music not the members." i stated "dont worry." he said i then took a sip of my latte and the flavour exploded in my mouth,it was so good, it was like drinking heaven. "so your in one direction how is it like?" i asked "really fun, its awesome. what do you like to do?" he asked "well love to mix songs together. love music."  told him "really i thought you were more of the sporty type."harry said "not really, i am ok at playing basketball and soccer but i just love making music." i said "do you sing?"he asked "not really."i said "oh welli want to hear what you have."harry said i smiled and took out my phone "i do have one finsished song on my phone. its a mash up between moves like jagger and tik toc." i said, i passed him a headphone and he put it in. he began to bob his head to the music "thats really good."he said "thanks. i smiled. i checked the time to see it was eleven thirty, after the song finsished i told him "i have to go."  "cant you stay?" he asked i shook my head " i cant be late." i said grabbing my purse and my half dranken pumpkin spice latte and walking out of the door and into my car. i put on the radio and turned the key.i then rove back to adams house and got there just in time.

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