Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


8. should i or shouldent i ?

my phone beep and i took it out of my purse "hey did not see you at the dance, what happend?-audrey." i texted back " i was at the dance i never saw you!-amelia" i waited for a text back and then she did "well when i got to the dance i saw adam but not you, i have sme important news-audrey." i texted back " i will talk to you later when i get to adams place-amelia" i put my phone away "amelia where were you when i kept texting you?" adam asked "umm well i was dancing." i lied "well you made me look bad infront of my friends."adam said "well you did lie about me to them.  stated "what do you mean?" he asked "you told them  i was in love with you." i said "ohh nevermind."he said. we then got to his house. "so do i have my own room?" i asked he laughed "amelia you sleep with me." he said "what i have to share a bed with you?" i asked he nodded "i already put your clothes in the closet."he smiled i fakly smiled back and walked to the closet, which was huge and very neat. i found my pajamas and grabbed the first pair i saw and walked ot the washroom to put them on, they were  pink long pants and a long sleeve light blue shirt, i carefully took off my dress and put the pajamas on i wiped of all my make up on my face and walked to the bedroom, where i see adam already laying down, a shiver runs down my spine and i slowly lay down next to him but i move as far as possible away from him. "good night."he smiled to me, i just rolled my eyes and then i rememberd i had to call audrey "i will be right." back i said standing up and walking to the washroom to call her, i took out my blackberrie and dialled her number up after one ring she answerd "hello?" she said "hey." i said "amelia ok so tell me what you wanted to tell me."audrey said happily "well at the dance i saw this really cute guy ad he walked to me and told me his name was harry, he was super nice and sweet and we danced and laughed and he gave me his number. i am just freaking out he was so amazing he made me feel so good." i said "awww thats so cute.well at the dance i met this boy named liam, he is very sweet and we are going out for coffie tomorrow."she said "thats great, well i got to go, talk to you later. i smiled into the phone "ya talk to you later."audrey said and hung up. i then walked into the bedroom again to find adam asleep and taking up all the room on the bed i sigh and walk to the coach i lay down and i look at the napkin harry gave me with his number on it, should i call him? i wonderd to myself, i really do want to, i then put his number in my phone and sent him a quick text "hey,do you remember me?-amelia" i was debating on to or to not send it but then i closed my eyes and pressed the send button,my heart began to race,would he answer? after five minutes there was no answer so i decided on going to sleep, so i lay on the coach and then drift off to sleep.

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