Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


7. meeting you

everyone has arived and it is seven ten now, adams friends are here and they are just like him, they never laugh and talk about the most boring things. no one is dancing and the music sucks and to make everything worse audey isent here yet. "amelia what do you think?" adam asked "what?" i asked confused "we were talking about what genre is better, jazz or classic, what do you think?" adam stated "i personally not a big fan of both but jazz." i responded, him and his friends gave me a werid look and i just looked down. the music was getting worse "i will be right back." i told them walking to the dj " no offense but this music is awful." i told the dj " i know,adam told me to only play this kind of music."he said "well no one is dancing and this dance is so boring." i stated "well i have to do what adam wants."he said "well i am adam girlfriend so i say put on some recent music." i shiverd when i said adams girlfriend " well what song?" he asked "hmm, how bout call me maybe?" i asked "ok."he smiled "great." i said walking back to adam and his friends then call me maybe began to play "i love this song." i told them, they all gave me digusted looks "what?" i asked "this is awful music."one of adams friends said "ya thats why people are dancing." i told him "dont worry guys i will go and tell the dj to change it."adam said "no you arent." i told him "ya i am i told him only to play classic music."adam said"ya well i told him to play recent music." i said "amelia, i planned this dance so i get to pick the music."he said "ya well this dance is for both of us i am the one who is forced to live with you." i said before adam said anything one of his friens sai "wait force you to live with him?"one of them questined "ohh adam you never told them about our arranged marriage?" i asked adam "no." he said "he told us you were in love with him." another frined of adam said. i did not sa anything i just walked over to the dj table "hey can i help?" i asked the guys nodded and let me behind the table. i  pressed the song "drunk" by ed sheeran and then i made a mix with the song tic toc and moves like jagger. "thanksfor letting me help i am going to the bar, do you want somthing to drink?" i asked"no thanks."he smiled. i then walked over to the bar and grabbed a martini and drank it. as i was walking back to the dancefloor a boy caught my eye in the distence he had curly brown hair, i stared at him for a moment and he lookd at me an then i looked away.


as i was talking to louis a beutiful girl caught my eye she was standing on the dance floor she had beutiful curly hair just like me i needed to talk to her"mate i will talk to you later, i have to go do somthing.i said begginig to walk towards her as i got closer she looked more and more beutiful she was wearing a blue dress andher hair was brown. as i got closer she was about to walk away but i grabbed her wrist and she looked at me "hi im harry." i smiled to her "im amelia."she said blushing, amelia what a beutiful name for a beutiful girl.


The guy began to make his way to me and i was about to walk away but he grabbed my wrist which made me get butterflies in my stomach, he said his name ws harry and i just stared into his eyes, i knew i had to get back to adam and his friends but something in my body kept saying "stay" "so why are you here?" i asked "i am an old friend of adam, you?" he asked i couldent tell him i was adams girlfriend so i just said " adams a family friend." i said it wasent completyl false because adam was a family friend. then the song"ant you back"by cher llyod began to play "i love this song!" i said and bega to danceand then harry joined me, we laughed and i was actually happy somthing i havent felt for awhile "so how old are you?"he asked "just turned eight teen,how old are you?" i asked "eighteen too."he said. i then got a text and took my phone outand read the text in my head "hey amela where are you?-adam." i just ignord it and went back to dancing. the song "fearless" by taylor swft began to play and i began to sing the lyrics and harry just laughed, it was the first time i sang lyrics to a song and someone laughed. next thing i knew,harry was spinning me aound and i was laughing. "nice shoes."harry laughed i looked down an noticed my red high tops were showing i coverd them "thanks." i laughed, i then got another text "amelia the dj is going to play the slow song soon and me and you have to be the first ones to dance together-adam" i sighed "harry i have to go."i said "what?" he asked "i have to go, i have had a lovley time with you but now i have to go." i said  i turned around to walk to away "wait amelia,heres my number, text me?" he asked handing me a napkin with his number " i will but i have to go now." i said, i did not let him say anything i just began to run while blushing, harry was amazing. when i got to adam my happy feeling was gone "there you are,where were you?" he asked "just with old friends."i lied. then the dj looked at him and then the song "fix you"by coldplay began to play and eveyone excited the dance floor "come on."adam whispard to me and he grabbed my wrist and led me to the dance floor, he put his hands on my waist and i put my hands on his shoulder ,i looked down the whole time worried harry would see me,after the song a few more fast songs played and then another slow one and i danced with adam during the slow one. then the dance was over and now it was time to live with adam. as i got in his car i couldent stop thinking about harry, i knew i would not be able to see him anymore because of adam but a part f me wanted to pretend that i was single so i could see him, he was so perfect and made me feel things i never felt before.

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