Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


10. furniture shopping and o god

When i open the door i see adam "where have you been?"adam asks "its eleven fourty." i say "ya well you should of been here at eleven thirty."he says, i roll my eyes "lets just go.' i say and he puts his shoes on and we walk to his car. when he tunrs on the engine i turn on the radio but he tunrs it off "music is just a waste of time."he says, i look at him with wide eyes "music is awesome,it is not a waste of time.it gets you through the rough times of life and music is always there for you." i tell him,he rolls his eyes "all music is,is a way to make easy money and only idiots listen to it."he says with his nose up high, i roll my eyes "you disgust me."i whispar,"what?"he asks "you  disgust me." i say louder,he looks at me with a open mouth for a second and then goes back to look at the road "you know amelia that was rud."he says with a tone that sounds like hes better then me "well im speaking the truth. i dont want to move in with you. i dont want to get married and i absolutly possitivly dont want to have some spoiled brat children with you." i say with no emotion "excuse me?."he questions "you know amelia you are one rud person, you have no manners  and you are very child like so instead of telling me mean and un called for stuff how bout you learn to deal with situations because i love you amelia."he says with a smirk, i clench my fist and then unclench them" i am not child like,rud,and i do have manners! i just dont want to spend the rest of my life with a spoiled rich boy who cares only about himself." i spat out,he then looks pretty offended "amelia just drop it,alright? if you dident have me,you would of been a poor little girl."he says "whats that suppose to mean?" i ask him"oh so i guess your parents never told you about why you are marrying me?"he questions "they have told me that they want me to be with you because you are smart and can make a great husband." i say,he laughs "so i guess they never told you the truth.'he says "what do you mean?"i ask "the only reason they want you with me is because they were going broke and my parents promised them wealth if they sighned you off to me. so if it wasent for me having a intrest in you,you and your family would of been poor."he say, im shooked at what he said,my parents basically sold me to a man, "your lying!" i yell at him,he shakes his head "im not."he says"yes you are my parents would never make me marry you for money!" i say trying to make myself beleive that. "darling would i ever lie to you?"he asks "yes." i say he rolls his eyes"my parents had lots of money when i was younger and they still do."i say "ya well when you were ten your dad lost his job and you mom couldent find a job so you guys were going poor. luckly for my mother and father they went over to your parents and made them a deal that in the future i would marry you and all the stuff on the contract and they would get money from it.you sighned it and then your parents got money."he says "no!" i say with anger building up in me. we finally get to ikea and we get out of the car. "sweetie im sorry but its the truth your parents were desperte for money so they arranged a marrige for us too."he smiles.i want to cry but i wont let him see me weak. we get into the store. "so anyway lets look around."he says, i nod my head. i want to call harry up and see him,for some reason it feels so good talking to him, i know i cant tell him about this aranged marriage because he wouldent understand but when im with him it feels like he accepts my weridness and who i am which is great, i always feel like i have to pretend to be someone im not."alright how bout we get some stuff for the kitchen?"adam i nod my head not even caring.this store is huge and personally all i want to do is play around here but adam hates fooling around so this is going to be boring.as we walk i spot a familar face...harry but harry is with some girl,she has black dark straight hair and she is very skinny and a lot skinner then me, i begin to get a feeling in my gut it feels like hurt and i want to punch the girl in the face...wait i know that feeling, jelousy.but why should i be anger at the girl, harry isent my boyfriend or anything. i keep my head down "how bout we go look at tvs?"i ask,adam shakes his head "no we need some new counters and a stove,"he says "ya well cant we get those later?" i ask trying to move away from where i can see harry"amelia stop and help me."he says "no,please can we go somewhere else?" i beg "no."he says. harry begins to get closer to us and i begin to pannick,god if he sees me here with adam he is never going to want to talk to me. i see a display of a kitchen and i run over to it and hide behind a counter. i peek my head out to see harry and the girl laughing,and my heart aches,why am i feeling this way?  i take a deep breath,harry dosent like me the way i like him,he rather go for a girl who has more time for him.  i need to get away frm here before adam and harry begin to talk because aparently they do know eatchother. i stand up and walk over to adam. "are you almost done yet?" i ask,he shakes his head, and i roll my eyes and begin to become stressed "come on adam,hurry up." i say" hold on."he says,then minutes later adam turns around "hey." i hear harrys voice, oh crap. i shut my eyes tightly "harry how have you been?"adam asks "fine how bout you?"he asks"very well."adam states "this is lucy." harry says "hi." i hear the girl who i guess is lucy says. i keep my back facing them still,not wanting to turn around "and this is amelia."adam says and pokes me on the shoulder, i shake my head not moving an inch, i was not going to let harry see me with adam."amelia?"adam questions, i squeze my eyes close praying for this to all be a terrible dream, i open them and i am still there "amelia."adam says "turn around."he adds "im alright." i say trying to  disguise my voice, i then feel adams hand on my shoulders trying to turn me around and he actually does it. i cover my eyes with my hands "what are you doing?"adam asks, ripping my hands from my face, i look down at the floor not wanting to see harrys reaction. "amelia."adam says annoyed, i lift my head "hi im amelia." i say sticking out my hand hopping harry dosent say that he knows me,harry and lucy put out their hands "how do you know adam?"harry asks, i dont want to answer this question but before i could try and avoid the question adam states "shes my fiancee."he smiles, i look at harry reaction "your fiancee?"he questions,adam nods his head and harry looks at me.well this day cant get any worse."aww thats cute,how long have you guys been dating?"lucy asks "not long." i say "since we were about fifteen maybe."he says, i look at him "more like forced to date you." i mumble under my breath "What was that dear?"he asks "nothing." i say quickly "well harry it was nice talking to you,hope to see you around and lucy it was nice meeting you."adam says "ya nice meeting both of you." i say "Well i need to talke to adam for a minute do you guys mind?"lucy asks, harry and i shake our heads and walk farther from them.harry turns to me "your getting married?!"he asks shooked "well yes but no." i say "what do you mean.adam just said you were his fiancee."harry states "its difficult to explain.' i say "what do you mean.how hard can it be to just tell me you were playing me?"he asks "i wasent playing you i swear!" i say hopping he will listen to me "your getting married to adam and you led me on."he says "but you dont understand and who was that lucy chick,your girlfriend?" i ask him 'no shes one of my close friends."he says "ya sure" i say rolling my eyes" and adam is my knight in shinning armer, right?" i ask sacastically "amelia are you really asking me about lucy when you are engaged with someone?"he asks "look just please call me or we can meet up and i will explain everything, alright?" i ask,he shakes his head slowly "no. adam is one of my friends and i am not going to see his girlfriend without him."he says"but you dont know." i say and he turns around "i know enough to know that youre a two timer!"he yells at me, and my heart brakes just a bit "harry!" i yell and run to him "please you dont know anything about adam and i." i say "then tell me."he says stopping, i freeze "i dont know how to tell you." i say,"if thats your answer them i dont want to see you anymore."he says and begins to walk again and i walk up to him"stop!" i yell and he tunrs around, i go close to him and crash my lips on his and the whole world seems to disapear,everyone around us seems to fade away,the feeling of the only two people on the planet begins to happen,harry then begins to kiss back and i pull away "please just call me and let me explain, i like you harry." i say and walk away with a huge grin on my face. i cant belevie i just kissed him like that, i wasent even expected myself to do that!


as i walk away from amelia feeling hurt i hear her yell "stop!" i dont even know why but i listen and she kisses me,first i am kind of shoocked but then a feeling that felt like no other came and i kissed back, i could feel the fireworks explode in my stomach,when she pulls away im craving more. "please just call me and let me explain,i really like you harry."she says and before i can say anything back she walks away.i feel my heart pounding against my chest,a huge smile appears on my face and then i see lucy "there you are."she says with a smile "so did i give you and amelia enough alone time?"she asks i laugh "ya." i say "so did she explain why she is engaged?"she asks "no but she told me to call her." i say "harry this girl is going to break your heart."lucy says "i dont even care.she is just amazing." i say,lucy rolls her eyes and huffs.

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