Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


16. drunk off of wine

 "are you hungry?" Harry asks,

"actually yes." I chuckle,

"shall I order a pizza then?" he asks and I check my phone for the time to see its already four in the afternoon,

"as much as that sounds like a nice idea, I've got to get back, you must be busy too though right?" I question and he shrugs,

"why do you have to go?" Harry asks,

"Amelia I doubt he's expecting you home anytime soon." he says reaching for my wrist when I stand,

"he's probably infuriated with me right now, I can't upset him even more." I reason but Harry yanks arm down to the couch and I laugh,


"don't worry about him." Harry says and I shake my head,

"he's probably already called my mom and dad already, telling them about my freak out this morning. I can't risk it." I say standing up again and sighing and Harry groans standing up.

I walk to the door with Harry following behind me. I slide on my shoes and as I'm about to say bye Harry grabs my hands and pulls me to him, to kiss me.

By instinct I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around my lower back. 

"don't leave." He mutters into the kiss,

"I have to." I sigh back and I disconnect our lips but we both lean our foreheads on each others, as Harry keeps me close to him without a word,

"maybe tonight we can do something?" I ask and Harry nods his head,

"ya text me if your free." he says letting go of me and standing up straight.

"of course." I smile at him and reach for the door knob but before, I stand on my tippy toes and peck Harrys cheek,

"today was very nice." I tell him before opening the door and stepping out.

I walk to the car and turn it on before driving off to see what awaits me at home.

I turn on the radio as I drive and think about Harry and I today, talking, laughing, being us, it was nice, so very nice and I want it to continue that way forever but it can't but no matter how much time I spend with Harry it will never be enough.

I reach the house and park. I take my bag and step out of the car noticing another two cars in our driveway, one of them was familiar to me, my parents car. 

I groan as I reach the door and unlock the door and step inside quietly.

I take my shoes off and quietly try to shut the door hoping no one will hear but my dream is shattered when I hear Adams voice,

"Amelia, nice to have you home, our parents are here, go get into something more appropriate and meet us in the kitchen." Adam calmly says and I nod my head with no words.

I walk up the stairs and head for our room, where I look through my closet picking out a pair of skinny light blue jeans, a white tank top and a red and black plaid flannel.

As I finish sliding on my pants my phone rings and I reach over to answer,

"hello?" I say into it,

"hey." its Harry,

"oh hey, whats up?" I ask trying to slide on my white undershirt with one hand,

"not much, I called to see how everything is going over there." he says,

"oh well my parents along with Adams are here waiting for me to get dressed so they can yell at me, but besides that its fine and I'm fine." I tell him and he hums in response,

"tonight, I want to take you somewhere, can I?" he asks and I sigh,

"I don't know what time?" I ask,

"whenever your able to." he says,

"I don't know but maybe yes?" I say,

"okay just text me ya?" he asks,

"for sure, now I better go, I got to get a shirt on." I say,

"don't tease me Amelia." he says and I laugh,

"bye." I tell him,

"bye love." he says before we both hang up and I finish sliding on my white tank top along with throwing over my black and read plaid flannel. 

I walk down the stairs and head to the kitchen to see my parents, and Adams parents sitting at the table,

"hello." I agree everyone, and everyone looks over to me,

"Amelia, please come sit down." Mr Beller says and I do what he says taking a seat next to Adam.

"So you two hows everything gong? Are you guys adapting to each other?" Mrs Beller asks and I look at Adam to answer for both of us,

" It hasn't been easy but I think we are doing alright." he says and I nod.

"We wanted to meet with you guys today, because we think it would be a good idea if we moved the wedding up." my mother smiles and my eyes widen and I want to scream no but I sit silently,

"really?" Adam asks, and all the parents nod their heads,

"we know it must be hard living together and not being able to have sex.." I choke at Adams mothers words, and it lasts for a good two minutes,

"Amelia, is everything okay dear?" my father asks and I shake my head "no",

"I mean I'm still trying to get used to living with someone and I think I need more time before we get married, I mean I haven't even thought about doing that stuff." I explain and my mother nods,

"well its up to you two in the end, but the sooner the better." my dad smiles and I nod,

"I mean I think at the moment we need some time to sort out things." Adam explains,

"what kind of things?" Mrs Beller asks with a raised eyebrow,

"I mean I believe Amelia is seeing some behind my back." he says,

"that is not true Adam." I simply saying trying to stay calm and not freak out,

"why would he say it then?" Mrs Beller asks,

"because he thinks he owns me and when ever I go out with friends, he thinks its a guy." I groan and Mrs Beller nods,

"well easy fix for that, for now on Amelia, you must include Adam with your friends, I mean soon you will married and have to share everything so better start now right?" she suggests and I nod my head wanting to scream inside,

"not to remind both of you that if one of you is caught cheating there will have to be some legal actions taken, it says in the contract." Mr Beller says and I nod my head feeling hopeless once again.

"Anyway enough with all the technical things, have you two planned anything for the wedding yet?" My mom asks and Adam shakes his head,

"Amelia hasn't been too keen on beginning them." he explains and I roll my eyes,

"Amelia, you have to start putting an effort in this relationship, you are not being a good finance. " my mom sighs and I shrug,

"I mean I never chose this for me, you did Mom and I don't think its fair of you to expect me to just fall in love with someone so quickly." I sigh,

"Adam is a wonderful boy for you, we chose him because we know he will be good for you." my dad says and I nod my head,

"yes I know and I will try." I explain looking at Adam,

" Adam tells us you haven't been putting any effort into the relationship, sweetie you have to put yourself out there." Mrs Beller says and I nod my head wanting to give her a piece of my mind but I restrain,

"Dad if one of us were ever to being cheating on the other, who the other person face consequences?" Adam asks,

"If they know about the arrangement yes of course, they will be completely ruined, I mean they're reputation would be gone and we would take them to court." he explains making my stomach flip.

" Interesting." Adam says taking a sip of his wine.

"Adam could you please pass me a glass." I say and he nods giving me an empty wine glass and I pour the red wine into my glass and take a sip hoping it will ease my shaky hands.

"well we better be going." Mr Beller says and I nod,

"but next time we visit, I want location and guest list set." he says and we both nod as Mrs Beller stands up too along with my parents,

"we must get going too." my mom says and I nod. 


Adam and I walk them to the door and exchange hugs with everyone before saying our goodbyes,

"do you want to watch a movie?" Adam asks me and I shake my head,

"I think I'm going to go into a spare bedroom and read a bit if thats okay?" I say and Adam nods,

" you heard them Amelia, you have to make an effort." he says,

" Adam?" I ask and he looks at me,

"do you still like me as much as you did when we were 10?" I ask and he shrugs,

"Its harder now." he says,

" don't you wish we never signed that contract." I sigh and he shrugs,

"sometimes but now we are getting married and I'd like my wedding to be with someone who loves me and right now your not giving me that." he groans and I shrug,

"I'm sorry." I sigh and walk back to the kitchen and carefully take my glass of wine and the bottle of wine and go upstairs into one of the spare rooms and sit down on the bed and take a book from the night stand out and begin to read it while sipping down my wine.

The book seemed to be about some teenage couple fighting for some love they believe will never happen just because the girl has a troubled past and isn't ready to let anyone in, but I think my story tops that I can never be with Harry fully, ever. 

I sigh putting the book down and taking another drink finishing the glass and filling another. I lay on my back looking at the ceiling, I want Harry right now, I mean thats all I've been waiting since I met him but right now my craving for him seems to have risen, 

I sit up again and take another sip of the wine feeling it making me feel like I'm floating,

I sigh in relief when It feels like I am floating outside of my body and I enjoy the feeling so I drink more and begin to giggle a bit for no reason.

I take my phone out and look through my contacts staring at his name, before pressing it,

"hey." he says through the phone with his slow British accent that drives me crazy,

"hey." I slur through the phone,

"what are you doing? Are you drinking?" he asks and I shrug my shoulders and then realize he can't see it,

"yup." I laugh,

so the family gathering went that bad then?" he questions,

"well if you mean to say that it broke everything inside me, then yes." I say counting my fingers on one of my hands,

"are you busy right now?" Harry asks,

"very. I've got this book to finish. But it reminded me of you so I stopped reading it." I say not being able to even feel the words coming out of my mouth,

"Am I that bad?" he asks,

"the absolute worst." I snort making him chuckle,

"I really wish I could see you and your drunk self." he says and I shrug,

"your not missing much, just some psycho missing you." I sigh and although I can't see his face I can picture him pulling a goofy smile,

"well I think I'm in the same boat as that psycho because I've been thinking about you ever since you left." he says making my heart hurt a little more.

"I have to plan a wedding Harry." I sigh into the phone,

"you don't have to." he retorts,

"I very much do, with a cake and music and location." I sigh,

"although I can't pick the groom which sucks, but do you want to come?" I ask,

" I don't think I could, Amelia." he sighs and I nod my head,

"lets plan our wedding." I simply say and Harry laughs,

"how much have you drank?" he asks,

"almost half the bottle of wine, it makes me giggly and floaty" I laugh and Harry laughs,

"anyway, location?" I ask,

" beach, with real sand." he says,

"I like that idea, what colour tux?" I ask,

"you tell me." he says

"gray, I like a nice gray tux." I laugh,

"what should I wear?" I ask,

"something tight that shows your chest but also long and cute." he says and I nod,

"our theme has to be something amazing like something beachy?" I suggest and Harry laughs,

"for sure." Harry says and I sigh,

"imagine me and you Harry." I laugh,

"imagine." Harry sighs,

"I'm tired, I better sleep." I tell Harry,

"alright I'll let you go, call me again next time your drunk, you very much make my night." he says and I giggle,

"for sure." I say and hang up and feel my eyes become droopy before they shut and I feel a heavy sleep come over me.


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