Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


3. dress picking

the girl came back carrying three dressing which were all pink and sparkley "ok so i have picked out tnhese dresses."she said showing them to me "umm i dont really like any of them would i be able to get a simple light blue ball gown?" i asked she nodded and left and my phone began to vibrate i took it out of my pocket and i had a new text "hey what'cha doing right now?-audrey".audrey was my best friend she was very pretty,she had dirty blond hair,brown eyes and she was about the same size as me i texted her back "at this stupid dress shop picking out a dress for the moving in dance-amelia" she responded after minutes "sounds awful where is the store i am coming;)-audrey" i smiled "its called perfect dress, have you heard of it?-amelia" i sent the text "who are you texting?" adam aked "just audrey, she is going to be here soon." i smiled "alright then." adam said rolling his eyes i then looked at my phone again and audrey texted me back "umm ya i think so, i will be there in twenty minutes or so:)-audrey" i texted back "great;)-amelia". after i sent the text the women came back "ok so i picked these dresses do you like them?" she asked i looked at eatch and one looked very pretty it was a light blue strapless dress that puffed out and it was gorgous "umm i really like this one."i smiled "alright go try it on."she said passing me the dress and pointing to the dressing room. i walked in and put it on and looked at my reflection in the mirror i smiled to myself even though i was forced to move in with adam at least i got a nice dress and even though i have to go to the moving in dance he planned for us i got to wear this dress. i walked out of te dressing room wearing the dress "that looks very good on you." the girl said "amelia you look beutiful."adam smiled "thanks." i said back. then audrey walked in "amelia o my gosh you look really pretty in that dress." she said "thanks."i laughed i then went back in the dressing room an carefully took of the ball gown and put on my normal clothes and walked back to the room and i was greeted by a hug from audrey "hey.' i smiled at her "hey you looked really good in that dress."she said "thanks have you gotten your dress for the dance yet because i really hope i invited you." i told her "yes you did invite me but i have nothing to wear." she said "well we are at a dress shop now and i could buy you a dress of your choice." i smiled to her "amelia i cant let you do that dont worry i will find a dress." she said "no you are going to find a dress now."i said she smiled and gave me a hug "you do not know how much i love you."audrey said. "miss, my friend here needs a dress." i said to the girl "really now what are you looking for?" the girl said "a light pink ball gown that is simple." she said "ok let me go see what we have."she said and left. we both sat on the coach me next to adam and audrey next to me "hey adam."audrey smiled to him "hi audrey."he responded to her "amelia we should buy the dress and go to my place."adam said "well we are going to stay here and help audrey pick out a dress."i said "who is paying fo it?" he asked i began to smirk "well because we are moving in together and getting married i was thinking that you could pay for my and audreys dress." i smiled sweetly.i know what your thinking i am mean and selfish but come on i want my best friend to look good too and if i was stuck marrying adam then at least he could do is buy audrey a dress. "ok i guess so."adam said i then kissed him on the cheek "thanks"i said.then the girl came back with this really pretty pink ball gown "how is this?" she asked audrey"that is amazing."audrey smiled. the dress was light pink and strapless. it puffed out at the end and it was very pretty. audrey went to try it on and when she came out she looked so good "you look amazing." i smiled to her "thanks." she smiled back "how do you like it?" i asked " i am in love with it." she smiled "well then thats the one." i told her "how much is it?"adam asked. "it is only two hundread dollers.the girl smiled "how much is amelias?" he asked "eight hundread." she smiled. audrey went to change into her normal clothes "adam you dont have to pay i have enough for it." audrey said "thank god."adam said. i gaveaudrey a look and whispard to her "i kissed his cheek becaue of you and now you wont let him pay?" she whispard back "i feel bad i  dont pay.". we then bought the dresses "hey adam i am going to hang out with audrey today so tomorrow i will go to your place." i said trying not to frown "ok thats fine i guess."adam said.

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