Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


12. adam

"hello? "she answered "hey Audrey can you please pick me up at McDonalds the one near Wal-Mart." I tell her through tears "Amelia what's wrong? I will be there in fifteen minutes. "she says and hangs up. the tears keep coming down and then I see Harrys car and as the car is about to pass me he pulls over and looks at me " I'm sorry." he says and  I just shake my head "just go." I cry and he then drives pass me and I sit on the curb waiting for Audrey to come. how could this happen? I really thought he was going to try for me not just give up like that, I guess I didn't have the same affect on him that he had on me, everything he said to me before today seemed so perfect he seemed so perfect but now he just left. after twenty minutes I see Audrey's car pull up next to me and I stand up and get in, as soon as im seated Audrey gives me a long hug and I cry into her shoulder "what did harry do?" she asks already knowing harry was involved, I lift my head "I'll tell you later." I say and then she begins to drive as I look out the window with tears running down my face. after seven minutes of driving I asked Audrey "have you ever met someone and just felt such a strong connection?" I ask her not making eye contact "cant say I have. "she says, and I just continue to look out the window crying silently, how could something that was suppose to be perfect turn into something so hard to deal with. "where am I driving you?" she asks "Adams house please." I ask "are you sure? you can stay the night with me if you'd like." she offers I shake my head "no its fine." I say and then another fifteen minutes passed and we were at Adams house "thanks for the ride." I tell her and wipe out my tears "no problem, call me whenever you want to talk about what harry did. "she says and I slightly smile "will do." I state and get out of the car and make my way up to the big house that I now call home. I unlocked the door with the key Adam gave me and make my way in. "Amelia?" I hear him ask "ya im back." I say and walk to the living room and sit next to Adam "so how was your time alone?" he asks "fine." I lie and just this once I lean my head on Adams shoulder, I am not too fond of him but right now all I want to do is pretend  he is harry just so I don't break down crying again. I then feel his arm wrap around me something that he never does "I can tell your upset about something." he tells me but it was different the way he said it, It wasn't snotty and rude it was more sweet and calming which was unusual "just a tad." I tell him and he moves closer to me but how I imagine this is with harry. "so next week we are having a little get together with some people at a restaurant. "he says "who?"  I ask "some of my close friends you met at the dance, harry, Liam and Audrey. "he says "why are you inviting harry and Liam?" I ask "because those two were some of my old friends and I have been texting Liam a bit and we seem to get along and harry well I would love to get to know him again. "he says "oh." I say, hearing him say Harrys name hurts and knowing next week I will have to see him feels even worse. "so what do you think?" he asks "sounds alright." I say "great." he smiles. it becomes late and both of us decide to go to bed. I go into the washroom and change into my track pants and undershirt and look at my face in the mirror, well lets just say I looked bad. I sighed and went back to Adams and i's room, I went into bed next to him "goodnight." I sigh "goodnight. "he says, I figure that if I have to live with him and marry him I better start being nice to him because no matter what happens im stuck marrying him just like harry said.

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