Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


15. 20 questions

after I explain everything to him  a shocked expression plays on his face "wait so he is catching on to what's happening between us?" he asks with fear in his voice, and that's what I was afraid of, harry over thinking whats going on between us, i look down at the coffee in my hand, and then i feel harry use his fingers to push my head up to face him "i'm not going to give up."he says but i'm still unsure of his word "i'm trying Amelia,i really am but you need to tell me things like this."he says and i nod "i don't want you to over think about us." i sigh " i'll try not to." he says and i nod "i know your not fine." harry says standing up "i am, i really am." i say when i'm not, i hate the feeling of having to hide this from everyone, i hate how i feel when i'm with Adam and i hate the way Adam makes me feel, worthless. i look at harry as he comes over to me and kisses my forehead "you have no idea how much i like you and i promise you that i will help you no matter what."he says looking me in my brown eyes as i look into his green ones, i smile slightly and he smiles to. he sits back down across from me. "do you want ot come to my flat?" he asks "ya sure." i say with a slight smile. we both stand up and harry takes my hand and leads me to his car, i get in the passenger seat and harry gets into the drivers. he turns on the radio and the song "the monster" by  Eminem was playing, i hummed along to the chorus and saw harry glance over to me and then back at the road, i smiled "this might work." i whisper to myself and then i feel harry grab my hand  "its going to work."he reassures me and i smile. we then park in a parking lot for apartments. we both get out and make our way to the door, harry opens it for me and i thank him as we step in. we go in the elevator and soon enough we are stood in front of a door with the number "71" harry unlocks the door and we step in. i take off my toms and wait for harry to take off his boots. when he finishes he leads me to a couch in a room with a flat screen tv and a shelf of books "you like to read?" i ask him he shrugs "a bit."he says "whats your favorite?" i ask "don't have one." he simply says "do you?" he asks "the giver." i say "I've read that, its good." he says and turns on the tv as i sit on the couch. he sits down too "what do you want to watch?" he asks i shrug  and he puts on a tv show that i wasn't familiar with. " i have realized something, we barley know each other." harry says and i think for a second "your right." i say and he smiles "twenty questions?" he asks and i nod 'alright i want to start." i say, he laughs "shoot." "how many siblings?" i ask "one, shes older then me,her name is Gemma." he says "no siblings." i say "alright favorite color?" "mint blue." "green." harry says "parents together or split?" i ask "split. i don't know where my dad is but i do have a step dad and hes nice." "parents together but don't seem happy." it was Harrys turn "do you think you will ever love Adam?" i shake my head "never. we're too different he makes me feel so small and stupid." i say "your not stupid.' harry says simply and i smile "thanks." "alright how many girlfriends have you had?" i ask "three. not very serious but the third one her name was haily, she was perfect, funny, kind and she was one of those people who could make you feel better so quickly." he paused wiping his eyes "but she was strange in ways to and when i met her mum she didn't like me and because of that she broke up with me suddenly with no warnings." he finishes with a tear falling from his eye, he wipes it away "im sorry." i say quietly, he smiles a sad smile "its fine, it wasn't meant. she carried more about her mums thoughts then hers. i don't think after her i really don't think i liked a girl in a romantic way that was until i saw you and i really don't want to loose you." he says and my heart breaks  "hey, its alright." i say scooting closer to him and hugging him he hugged back and then held me in his arms "your turn to answer." he says "no one really.  i had one boyfriend when i was fifteen and i swear i was in love but it ended after he founded out about Adam " i say with a shrug, i haven't really thought about him much, sure he was my first boyfriend and my only but i didn't expect him stay after he found out about Adam. "alright on a less depressing note, whats your favorite animal?" he asks lightning the mood "hard choice." i say thinking awfully hard about the question "hmm i would have to say a lama and a sloth." i say, harry looks at me questionably, i shrug a bit "hmm very strange favorite animals. anyway my favorite animal has to be a koala." he says "why?" i ask "well i held one before and they're really friendly." he smiles "aw that's cute." i say "alright my question to you would you rather have a dog or a cat?" i ask"easy question, a cat." he smiles "same." i agree "alright next thing, do you want kids?" he asks "well this got serious fast." i say and harry laughs a bit " i just want to know."he says "hmm, do i want children?" i repeat the question and harry nods "i don't know actually. im not fond of toddlers much so its a hard question because i would but i wouldn't " i say "explain." harry says with his eyebrows furrowed "well i like children who are babies or are in at least grade one but two year olds , three year olds and four year olds aren't my favorite especially when they throw temper tantrums in stores and start screaming err." i say cringing a bit " i feel like you were one of those children." he states and i laugh "actually i was, i would cry and throw temper tantrums a lot." i laugh along " that's actually not shocking due to the fact you are a bit stubborn." he says and i look at him pretending to be offended "excuse me?" i ask and he laughs and kisses the top of my head "alright stop distracting me you have to answer the question too." i say moving my head to look in his eyes "ya i want kids, i love small children." he says with a smile "you seem like it." i tell him "how?" he asks "well you act like a kid yourself and you just have that face that makes me think kids love you." i say and he smiles and chuckles a bit. we go on like this for the nest two hours.

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