Imperfect ending

This is a love story about Maria who meets One Direction and not only falls in love with one boy but two. Through many tradgidies and affairs she picks one

First fan fiction. So no hate


2. Airplane Trip

Maria's POV

"I cant believe Niall asked me to go visit him and the boys' I said.

"I wish I could go with you!" said my 16 year old sister who loves One Direction, Karen

"Maybe you could!" I said. "I'll call him."

(On phone with Niall)

Me-I was wondering if Karen could come with me.

Niall-Of course babe!

Me- Thanks!! I can't wait to see you!! I have to get packed, I gtg

Niall-Ok Bye.

(Off phone)

Karen walked off to go pack. I was sitting and thinking about if Niall and I would start dating and what the other guys would think of me. I already met them but they probably forgot about me. What if Niall doesn't like me or think I'm beautiful anymore. What if he is over me. I can't wait to see him today


"Maria I got to drive you to the airport!" said my mom.

 Niall's POV

I like her so much. I'm just so excited to get there. All the boys are with me and are so excited to meet her again. They are all joking off and laughing while I'm eating when the tour bus suddenly stops. I start freaking out and drop my sandwich. I start running to the driver and asking him all kinds of questions. He said that the tires are flat. I ask him if he has tires to replace them but he says no. I get really worried  because he said that it is going to take 2 hours. I have to be there in 2 and a half hours.

Will Niall be there in time or Will Maria get mad? Tune in for chapter 3 


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