Imperfect ending

This is a love story about Maria who meets One Direction and not only falls in love with one boy but two. Through many tradgidies and affairs she picks one

First fan fiction. So no hate


1. The Begining

             Maria's POV

             I am Maria Church, I am 18 years old. I live in England and before you ask yes I know One Direction. I went to audition at The X Factor UK with them. I used to talk to them all the time now that their famous they never talk to me anymore. I really miss them especially Niall. He was my BFF when I saw him audition I knew he was going to be famous and now he is. His eyes, smile, hair it is all so perfect. I wonder if he ever thinks about me, I doubt it he probably has too much on his mind. I wish he would talk to me.

             "Maria, MARIA!!!!" I was daydreaming in class again

                        "Ha-ha, its ok" My friend says.

                        "Was it about Niall again?"

                        "Yes" I said. I daydream about him all day!

                Niall's POV

                      I think about Maria everyday. No body knows I know I'm supposed to tell the boys everything but this I got to keep to myself. I really like her. Her beautiful long brown curly hair, bright green hazel eyes, her perfect body, she's an amazayn singer and dancer!! What else can a girl have. I wonder if I still have her number.(looks at phone) Oh My Gosh I still have her phone number.

(Text Message)

Me-Hey I have been thinking about you. I was wondering if you would like to fly to US and visit me and the boys??

Maria<3333-Of course I would I thought you forgot about me.

Me-How could I forgot about you beautiful

Maria<3333-IDK, with you being in the band and all the fans. I cant believe you didn't forgot about me.



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