I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


17. Wedding Photo-shoot!


A/N:  The first picture is the wedding shoes!! Aren't they just precious? The second picture is the photo shoot dress. The third one is the front of the actual wedding dress, with the last picture as the back, including those sleeves as well. I need my sleeves and lace! :) Also, it's a very similar belt to the one I was imagining. On to the story! :) P.S. This is a long one, but enjoy!


Nick let me sleep in a little bit, as in until 11am, but when I woke up, I found my favorite almond granola bar on top of the bedside table. I’m guessing everyone is already here since I could hear a bunch of people downstairs. The crew had shown up a bit earlier than I expected, but I was glad it started so soon. I got up, washed my face, shaved my legs, brushed my freshly whitened teeth, and let my hair down in light waves before calling Nick upstairs.

“Nick?” I called. “You can send them up now!”

A few seconds later Julia, Brent, and Addie, who was helping me with my dress, walked through my bedroom door and went straight to work. With Brent doing my hair and Julia doing my make-up, I was starting to get REALLY excited! They finished up and Nick came in, in his white button up, and a black bowtie untied around his neck. His face lit up as he saw my face and hair all made up.

“Hey, babe?” Nick said, giving me a quick peck. “Can you help me tie this?”

“Uh, sure,” I said, standing up and taking the tie in my hands.

I looked up how to tie a bowtie the night of Addie and Joe’s wedding because I had no idea, but I have it mastered now.

I had it done in a minute and shooed him away to put on my dress. Julia took out a dress in a protective covering and unzipped it for me. I had a confused look on my face.

“Why not my…OH!” I face palmed myself. “Nick can’t see me in my dress a day early! Duh!”

“But, don’t worry I found one that looks almost identical to it,” Julia laughed. “We brought some because that usually happens a lot. Also, your mom emailed me a picture of your dress and we grabbed one pretty close to it.”

Addie held my hand as I stepped in the hole of the dress and I pulled it up, putting my hands through the sleeves.

“Leah!” Addie gasped.

“What?” I asked, handing her the belt to tie in a pretty bow in the back.

“It’s so pretty!” she squealed, smiling ear to ear.

I turned around when she was done and saw myself in the giant full length mirror on my closet door. Wow.

“Wow,” I said, smiling.

Julia and Brent did last minute touch-ups, complimenting me.

When we were ready, I went downstairs, carrying my shoes as Brent and Addie struggled to carry my small lace train. Nick and Joe were talking and eating granola bars when we hit the last of the stairs. Nick turned around as he heard our rustling and gaped at me.

“Leah…?” he said hesitantly turning away.

“Don’t worry, hon. It’s not my actual dress,” I giggled and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

He let out a relieved sigh and kissed my cheek lightly, being cautious of my make-up.

“You look stunning,” he whispered.

I blushed as we got ready to leave. Nick, Joe, Addie, and I piled into my car as the stylists and the French photographer, Lorenzo Pierre, got in their silver Mercedes Sprinter. We drove to our neighborhood park, Pacific Park, and set up lighting, cameras, and fixing last minute make-up and hair.

Lorenzo was moving frantically with the lights and his camera in hand, “Are you ready guys? What is that? Move that out of the shot. Leah, sweetie go stand over there. To the left. Okay perfect. Nick? Right next to her. Closer to the left. Brent can you fix that one curl. Perfect. Okay look lovingly into each other’s’ eyes. SNAP! Okay now serious faces. No less frown, more smirk. Perfect. SNAP! Okay move your…” And that is basically how he sounded the whole time, speaking with his thick French accent. It was a bit over whelming, but with the help of his…more American sounding assistant Angelo, we did just fine. He was pretty funny. We had several gorgeous shots of Nick helping me with my shoe, like Cinderella, don’t judge. We love Disney. Deal with it. We added some body jewels on my hands, and next to my eyes and it just added some intricate-ness to the pictures. I became obsessed with it. Once again, don’t judge.

Anyways, some other poses/settings, we went down by the big pond in the middle of the park and took our shoes off, rolled up his pant legs a little bit and pulled my dress up too and held hands as we leaned back on them and looked out into the water. (Does that make sense? No? Oh well :P) Lorenzo brought some amazing props, like an actual swing to hang from the branches, which we found the absolute perfect tree for it. It was so precious. Our themes were basically that country-like fun, just being in love. We also used the gorgeous staircase of the court house right next to the park, which was a bit of a walk, but luckily Nick was a gentleman and carried me bridal style.

Angelo nudged Lorenzo, “Hey boss? Look.”

Lorenzo turned around to see me and Nick just having a super cute moment together as he was carrying me. I was laughing at him commenting on Lorenzo’s sunglasses and trousers. We both were just cracking up, and in that moment of all smiles and laughter, Lorenzo captured my favorite moment from the whole shoot. We didn’t need artificial lighting, the sun was perfect, and the glow on our faces weren’t forced at all. It was perfect.

We took some pictures on that stair case, and yes we did the Cinderella thing, but we couldn’t help it! We enjoyed every bit of this photo shoot, no matter how much stress Lorenzo seemed to be in. Angelo made sure to put a smile or giggle on our faces. I couldn’t thank him enough for that. After several hours of pictures, pausing for a bit to eat our small lunches, we were done.

“Hey, hon. The Administration is going to be at the venue in about 2 hours,” Nick said, helping carry the equipment to the van.

“Okay, then we better get home and change,” I said, carrying my shoes and the front of the dress. “You guys will be at wedding to take some pictures too, right?” I called to Angelo and Lorenzo.

“Yes, of course, darling! Why wouldn’t we?” Lorenzo said smiling.

I just laughed. “And you two are going to help me with my hair and make-up tomorrow too, right?” I slung my arm around Julia’s shoulders.

“Definitely! I can’t wait to see you in your REAL dress” Julia squealed excitedly.

Addie and Joe were walking back to my car, hand in hand. Nick laid the last light in the van before we said our “good bye”s and “thank you”s to the crew. They are the sweetest. They did a phenomenal job.

“Guys, those were some great pics,” Joe said as Nick started up the car.

“Yeah, I love the Disney theme that you guys did,” Addie giggled.

I laughed, “Me too. Didn’t you sweetie?”

“I sure did,” he smiled at me and kissed the hand he was holding. We got home and got dressed in to our matching set of “Bride & Groom” track suits. My mom and dad are hilarious and got us some Disney wedding track suits and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. We grabbed a quick snack and headed to the venue we were setting up our reception stuff. We had hired a crew to set everything up while we were at our shoot. When we pulled into the parking lot, we could already tell the fairy lights were out. The sun was just setting and people were still rattling around inside.

“Whoa, Nick, look at that,” I said pointing to the tall white tent in the back, as we walked hand in hand. We got inside and found the large area we were going to use, with the help of cute signs Addie and Mama J helped make. There weren’t any balloons up because those decorations were going to be put up tomorrow. We saw the band setting up speakers and mic stands, connecting cords to other cords. It just looked like a big tech mess. I giggled a little bit as Nick kicked cords out of the way. Just then Sonny came out of nowhere carrying a drum to the drum set.

“Well isn’t it the lovely couple themselves,” he smiled, putting down the drum to shake our hands. “How was the shoot?”

“It went very well. I loved it! Lorenzo, the photographer, was a bit crazy, but the good kind of crazy,” I giggled and patted Nick’s arm.

“Well, that’s good to hear, missy. I hope you don’t mind, we found a lovely set of trumpet players and violinists that added perfectly to our sound. Would you like to hear them?” Sonny asked as we walked over to the small stage.

“Of course! I love the sound of a violin. I can’t wait!” I said, clapping.

A girl with curly red hair came out of a room with her violin in hand, along with two members of The Hornheads; Steve Strand and his buddy Dave Jensen.

“Steve! Dave!” Nick exclaimed, giving them strong handshakes and pats on the back. “Why didn’t you tell me you were playing?”

“Ahh we wanted to surprise you, so SURPRISE!” Steve laughed, doing jazz hands.

I went over to the violinist to introduce myself, “Hi! I’m Leah. I love your hair!”

“Aww thanks! I’m Megan. Megan Mullins. Yeah it’s natural, can you believe it?” she said giving me a hug. She’s a hugger and I love it.

“No way?! Seriously?” I asked, touching the ends, she nodded. “Wow, I love it! You must be part Irish, I assume.”

“Yup. A quarter, actually. I like that it makes me stand out, you know?” she said.

“Definitely! Well I love it,” I smiled. “I can’t wait to hear you play! Have you guys been rehearsing together for a while?”

“Yeah, pretty much. It’s been crazy stressful, because I’m learning the song you’ll be doing to your final dance too,” she peered through the hair in her face.

“Oh! I’m so excited to hear it being done on violin. That’s going to be a tear-jerker. I can feel it already,” I clapped my hands, walking with her to her chair on the stage.

After the cords were taped down right, and all of the instruments were in place, they decided to give us a sneak peek of a song they’ll be playing at the reception. They played “Kiss Me,” by Sixpence None the Richer, substituting the trumpet players with Steve playing the harmonica, and a doing an awesome rendition of one of my and Nick’s favorites “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. They were amazing. Especially with the violin and trumpets.

“Omygosh I love it, honey,” I whispered to him as they were finishing up “Superstition”.

“Me too, baby. That violinist is amazing. What’s her name?” Nick asked pointing to Megan.

“Megan. Megan Mullins,” I said. “You know? You could use a good violinist on your next album.”

“You are so right. I’ll talk to her about it later,” Nick smiled at me.

When they finished, we clapped like maniacs. “Oh my goodness, that was amazing! Megan you sounded so good!”

Megan blushed, “Thanks, Leah.”

“How many songs have you guys rehearsed?” Nick asked curiously.

“However many you need, sir. We have over 30 right now,” Mikey said.

“Oh perfect. Just mix it up, you know? If we need to give you guys a break, we’ll switch over to Leah’s dad’s mixes,” Nick said.

“Yeah. He likes to DJ at parties and events so he’d be up for it during the party hour, after all the sweet emotional stuff is over,” I said with a smile, holding Nick’s arm/bicep.

We checked on a few more things, like the cooking staff, the menus, and all that. The chairs and tables were already set up in their proper display, they just need all their fabrics over it, but that’ll be done tomorrow.

We left after finaling some things. Nick drove to the house, dropped me off, picked up his tux and shoes for tomorrow, kissed me passionately bye, and drove down the street to Joe’s house. Addie was going to stay with me the night before, since Nick wasn’t allowed to spend the night with me the night before. On the way home though, we called Brent and Julia to let them know how early we needed them tomorrow. We needed to be at the temple to get sealed together for time and ALL eternity, by 11 A.M., dressed and ready, that includes the hour and a half drive to the temple. I reminded Nick to set his alarm for 6 in the morning. He replied with, “That’s when the best day of my life will begin J Love you <3 Sweet dreams, beautiful”

He is such a sweet heart, honestly. I replied, “Sleep well, honey <3 I love you, honey :*”

And with that I fell asleep like a baby, awaiting for the best day ever to come.

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