I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


18. The Big Day! :)

A/N: Okay so the dress above is the one Leah changes into after the ring ceremony and into the reception! I wanted her to have a bit more freedom, without that long train. So I guess we can say that she took off the train and the longer skirt and it became this? I don't know, however you want to see it :) Also, the vows and things made in the temple itself are quite sacred so I can’t give any details about that at all. But we’ll skip to taking family pics outside afterwards and all that. Kay love ya! Enjoy!

Groomsmen: Kevin, Landon (Leah’s older brother), Jesse McCartney

Bridesmaids: Danielle Jonas, Erin (Leah’s best friend), Demi Lovato

Best Man: Joe

Maid of Honor: Addie

Flower Girls: Carly (Leah’s little sister) and Beth (Addie’s cousin)

Ring Bearer: Frankie!



My alarm was seriously the worst sound in the world. Ugh I hated getting up early. I stuffed my head farther into my pillow and groaned. Then a sudden weight was on my butt.

“Owwww,” I groaned. “Get off!”

“Get up Leah! It’s your big day! Hurry up! The stylists will be here soon!” Addie yelled bouncing on my bed.

My eyes snapped open, ears were alert, and a giant smile grew on my face. “Eeeeep!” I squealed.

“Finally! Took you long enough,” Addie smirked and helped me up.

I ran to take a shower, shave every part of my body, well not literally, but the important parts ;). I washed my face, hair, everything that came to mind, and changed into the lacy bra and underwear set that Addie thought was clever to get me.

*know knock*

“Yes?” I called.

“Leah? You ready?” Brent called back.

“Yesss!” I opened the door with a grin and went back to sit in front of my vanity, ready to be primped.

As Brent was drying my hair, I see Addie and my mom in the background, smiling and talking about random things. All the moms had come over as well to get dressed and get their hair/makeup done while I was getting ready. When Brent finished with my hair, the moms and Addie were all purdied up with makeup. Then Brent and Julia switched, Julia about to do my makeup. Before I had her touch my face with anything, I let a few tears slip. My mom saw me and came over to rub my back and kiss my cheek.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Everything’s just perfect. What if this marriage doesn’t turn out how I plan?” I said wiping my tears and sniffling.

“Angel, nothing is going to be perfect. Marriage is work and you both are very hard workers. I know you will make it work. Nothing will go as you plan but you will have someone right there next to you going through the same thing. You guys will become one, as soon as you say those vows,” she smiled gently.

I smiled back and hugged her with all my might, “Thanks, mommy.”

I made sure the tears stopped, as well as the runny nose, and had Julia continue with my makeup. After all that was finished, the girls piled into my CRV, with Mama J driving, and away we went to the temple, right on time. We jammed out to a bunch of girly songs, like Taylor Swift and Disney songs, we were laughing all the way there. We had eaten a simple breakfast before the hair and makeup. We had the dresses in protective coverings hanging on a rack in the trunk. We finally arrived at the temple with a bunch of family and friend cars there. Joe texted Addie and I to tell us that Nick went inside, as well as my family. What the whole Jonas family needed to and thankfully DID understand is that you must be a temple worthy member of the church to be in the temple when we get sealed (fancy word for actually married in the church). But before any of that, we needed to get pictures. The boys had already gotten all there manly pics done and now it was the girls’ individual turn. Lorenzo was taking pictures of the beautiful temple itself when we pulled up. We got our stuff and went into the chapel. Addie, my mom, and Mama J helped me put my dress on after they has theirs on. I slid on my heels and took one last glance in the mirror, taking several deep breaths. My heart was pounding like a drum. I felt like I was going to burst.

“Wow. Leah, you look gorgeous!” Addie clapped her hands and my moms started tearing up.

“Don’t you dare start crying!” I wagged my finger and hugged them.

“Ready, honey?” my mom asked.

I took one more deep breath and nodded. I had a pact of girls behind me helping me carry my train. I had Addie, my mom, my stepmom, Mama J, Dani, Demi, and my childhood friend Erin. My sister Carly and Addie’s cousin Beth were the flower girls, sitting with my dad in his Ford Escape. We walked to the front of the temple and got pictures and said hi to all my relatives that are around. Everyone is able to go into the large waiting room in the temple but can’t actually go into the main part.

(So this is where I skip to family pictures!)         

Nick looks lovingly at me before we walk out the doors of the temple, where our whole family is waiting.

“Ready, honey?” he asked.

“Always have been,” I smile and peck his lips.

We burst through the doors and hold each other’s hand up and scream. With the bouquet in my hand I smile and wave it around. We walk down the stairs hand in hand and give hugs and kisses all around. Lorenzo captures every moment possible. We take family pictures, couple pictures, and a few individual pictures again, before piling up in cars again. Nick and I take his car that is decked out in Just Married writings and random strings hanging off the back. We talk about our experience in the temple all the way to the venue. Everything is set up perfectly, lights and soft music filled the halls when we entered it. We all went to the back, under the giant white tent, to continue to the ring ceremony. My dad grabs my arm and we stand behind the doors, with everyone else waiting as well. Sonny is playing the piano as everyone takes their seats.

The music starts, queueing the line up to go down the burgundy aisle. Denise and Paul Jonas go first, then my mom and step mom walk together. Nick and the bishop go under the beautiful white arch (with dark red roses) from the right side of the tent, then Kevin and Danielle, Landon and Erin, Jesse and Demi, Frankie with our beautiful rings, and Carly and Beth dropping pretty red and white rose petals; then finally it was my turn. I swallowed hard as my dad kissed my forehead and patted my hand. “Here Comes the Bride,” started playing and the doors opened. I immediately found Nick’s eyes on mine. Everyone had stood up as I entered, a few tears of happiness were falling. I was smiling brightly at Nick the whole way down the aisle. Once we got to the end, my dad kissed my forehead with tears in his eyes. I wiped it away, smiling and kissing his cheek. He gave my hand to Nick saying, “Treat my little girl well.”

Nick nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Nick took my hand and led me underneath the arch. I was so nervous. I had pockets in this fabulous dress and I had my vows, written on a piece of paper from my journal. Nick and I decided that writing our vows would be perfect. He’s so cute when he’s nervous. He is very shy when opening up about his love for me, so seeing him so vulnerable right now, I wanted to melt.

The ceremony continued, Nick and I never looked away from each other. There was a moment when the bishop was reading a scripture and he stumbled on a word. I think Nick and I only caught it though because we were the only ones uncontrollably smiling and giggling. Bishop Swanson stopped and looked up from his reading glasses, smirking. We both looked down, as he continued. Oops. Nick and I smiled again at each other.

“Now, as requested by Mr. Jonas, we will now have them say their vows and present the rings,” Bishop Swanson announced, nodding for Nick to go first.

Nick pulled out a folded piece of paper, smoothing it out before coughing, clearing his throat. He took a deep breath and looked straight into my eyes. Or soul. Either one, I felt trapped. But a good kind of trap, ya know? Anyways, back to Nick.

“Leah?” he started.

I nodded, smiling like a dork.

“Ever since I turned around on that stage, and looked directly at you, I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it (crowd laughs), but um, I knew that my life was about to change. For the better. When I grabbed your hand and pulled you up, I didn’t want to let you go, afraid to lose you all together. We make music together like nothing else. You’re beautiful, talented, and first and foremost, mine. I love you so much. I have a feeling it’s going to get bumpy on our journey together, but our faith and love can pull us back together, fixing any damages we’ve made. I can’t wait to spend eternity with you, Leah.”

Nick spoke with such kindness, looking away only slightly glancing at the paper in his hands. I could tell he really meant it, when he choked up a little bit. He wiped the tear that had fallen from my eyes without me noticing. I whispered back an “I love you,” as he slipped the ring onto my finger.

I took a deep breath and swallowed hard, pulling out the paper in my pocket. It was a bit crumpled, which made it a bit harder to read, considering tears were also blurring my vision.

“Nicholas. Jerry. Jonas.” I looked up at him as he blushed. He likes it when I say his whole name. It’s cute.

“That night. That very night of the concert, I could FEEL something was going to happen. I didn’t know what it was, good or bad, but it made me SO nervous. When you announced you were going to pull someone on stage, my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest, no joke (crowd laughs). Nick, you have made me into a better person and I love every single thing about you. You’re handsome, classy, hilarious when you want to be, and caring. So caring. Your family brought Addie and I into their own and I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and love. But most of all, honey, I love you so SO much,” I started crying, hard. I coughed and took a deep breath, bringing the other hand to my mouth.

“I’m not done. (giggle) You have given me so much. I know tours are coming up and recording sessions, but I want you to know that I’ll be by your side until the end, which there won’t be. I love you for time and all eternity, baby,” and with that I slipped the ring Frankie gave me onto Nick’s finger.

I saw Nick sniff as well, so I wiped his tears real quick, chuckling at how babyish we seem right now. Who knew we had all this emotion inside? Not us, that’s for sure.

Bishop Swanson cleared his throat, “Nicholas Jerry Jonas, do you take Leah Marie Martin, to be your lawfully wedded wife; in sickness and in health, for time and all eternity?”

Nick smiled, “I most definitely do.”

I giggled.

“And do you, Leah Marie, take Nicholas Jerry Jonas as your lawfully wedded husband; in sickness and in health, for time and all eternity?” he continued.

“I do,” I said softly, squeezing Nick’s hands in mine.

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife. Mr. Jonas?” Swanson turns to Nick. “You may kiss your bride.”

“Finally,” he whispers before I grab his face in my hands and kiss him like it’s the last, yet the first, time. (MAKE IT FEEL LIKE THE FIRST TIME. Sorry I couldn’t resist :D)

We heard cheers from the audience. People were throwing the petals that were handed out in small bags under the guests’ seats. We pulled away, smiling giving one last peck before he swooped me up into bridal style.

“Honey!” I giggled.

“What?!” he yelled, running down the aisle into the big reception room.

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