I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


9. Settle It Over Dinner

We drove to Chili’s and waited for Joe and Addie as we got our table. I am still really curious about the news. Nick told me about what Joe and he were talking about in the studio and it all seems to make sense now. She’s pregnant! I’m quite excited for her! I wonder when THEY are gonna tell me though! As I started worrying about when they were gonna tell me, Joe and Addie came walking in Chili’s, holding each other’s waists. So cute. I looked at Addie’s belly and then at her face, puzzled. They sat down and looked at my concerned face.

Joe cleared his throat before saying, “So we had some news for both of you but Nick already knows. I don’t know if Addie told Leah yet though.” Joe said looking at Addie.

She shook her head and said, “I’m pregnant!”

I knew it. I folded my arms and glared at Joe.

“I can’t believe you would say something like that to Nick about ‘being too young’ and crap,” I said. “Way to go, Joe.”

“I know. I realize that now. I shouldn’t have said that. I should have talked to her to see what she wanted to do before I told Nick and before I started stressing out.” He looked at Addie and rubbed her back, “Addie, I should have talked to you first so we could get on the same boat. I love you and I’m sorry.”

Addie smiled, “It’s okay. But I don’t know if you’ll be ok once we tell your parents.”

Nick and I busted out laughing at Joe’s expression. He looked horrified! Addie calmed him down though. It was only a joke but it was hysterical.

We got to planning as we ordered and ate our food. Nick noticed Addie looking a little over protective over Joe. The waitress, Rachel I think, walked away after getting our food with a mean look on her face.

“What was that all about?” Nick said.

“She was making eyes at him and I get a little jealous sometimes,” Addie explained, blushing at the last part.

“Sometimes?” I laughed.

Addie gave me the death glare to shut up. I sealed my lips shut and threw away the key, but smiling at Addie’s blushed face.

“Awww,” Joe said pinching her cheeks.

“Oh stop it lover boy,” she smirked.

After dinner, we went back home to get some sleep. I put away my planner again after getting it for the Chili’s trip and cleaned up a little in the kitchen.

“I’m glad they solved their problems,” Nick said in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me from the back.

“Me too,” I smiled and turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He looked down at my lips and bit his bottom lip. I rolled my eyes and kissed him sweetly but quickly.

“We better get some sleep,” I said grabbing his hand and walking up the stairs. “I’m exhausted from that car ride before and this long up and down day.”

“Me too. I didn’t know what was gonna happen between them,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, same here,” I laughed.

We got to our bedroom and quickly changed into our PJs. I hopped in bed with Nick following after turning off the light.

“Good night. I love you, sweet girl,” Nick whispered in my ear as his fingers were going through my hair.

“I love you too, honey,” I smiled as he kissed my forehead.

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