I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


8. Screw Ups

We got to the house and walked right on in, with Elvis attacking us to the floor. Dani and Kev have been watching him and Joe's dogs. They really helped a lot.

Although I LOVE the beach, I'll never want to leave home. I was pooped but starved for lunch so we made some mac & cheese before unpacking and getting ready for Addie and Joe to come over and tell us how it all went. I was super nervous on what the news is. I don't know about Nick, but he was rubbing his hands together like he was nervous. Oh Nick. I can read you like a book.

“Hey honey? Is it alright if I have a little guy time with Joe tomorrow?” Nick asked taking my hand.

“Of course! I would hate for you to be sitting around listening to the girly deets of Addie and Joe’s honeymoon,” I giggled.

“Yeah I would hate to listen to that!” he laughed.

Nick was texting Joe when they got home to hurry up and finish eating. We were doing the dishes and cleaning up whatever Elvis chewed up. Good thing he’s not into shoes, but he loves the trash. Bad dog.

*Ding Dong*

Elvis immediately started barking.

"I got it!" I yelled to Nick, who I thought was putting some stuff away in our room, but somehow he ran down the stairs, passing me to the door.

"Dang it, you," I put my hands on my hips.

He gave me a peck on the lips, and then opened the door for Addie and Joe.

“Welcome back guys!” I said behind Nick, grabbing Elvis’s collar to calm him down.

We hugged them, then gathered on the couches as Nick grabbed Addie and Joe glasses of water.

As Nick sat next to me, Elvis decided to jump onto his lap.

“You are not a lap dog,” I heard Nick mumble to the dog.

Addie and I giggled, petting the golden retriever.

“So what have you two planned already for the wedding?” Addie asked taking a sip of water.

“We agreed that the main color would be like a crimson red,” I said looking a Nick for second.

“ROLL TIDE!” Addie yelled, making us laugh, while Nick and Joe were shaking their heads.

“Exactly!” I giggled. “And we also wrote a lot of the guest list and bridesmaids and the groomsmen and stuff like that.”

“That’s a great start! You guys are way ahead on schedule compared to when we were planning,” Addie complimented.

“Well thanks! We tried to get a lot done before we went to the beach,” I said.

“Oh yeah! How was that little trip of yours?” Joe asked.

“It was fun! Very romantic,” Nick winked at me.

Addie and Joe raised their eyebrows. I knew what they were thinking. My eyes went wide in shock.

“No no no! We didn’t! I swear! Geez!” I exclaimed. “Get your minds out of the gutter!”

The couple laughed at us with relief on their faces. I rolled my eyes at Nick smirking at me. Jerks.

“Sooooo…tell us how your honeymoon was?” I asked them, trying to change the subject.

“Well, we went to the doctor about a week after we…had a little bit of fun,” Addie said blushing and looking at Joe.

“Haha, please don’t go into those details,” Nick whined.

“I’m not! I’m not!” Addie waved her hands up in defense. “But we discovered a little something at the doctor’s office…”

Joe and her smiled at each other and nodded.

“Well,” Joe started.

“Just say it already!!” I yelled squeezing Nick’s hand.

Joe just laughed with Addie at my outburst.

“We’ll tell you guys at a better time,” Addie said. “I’m a little tired.”

Joe rubbed her back and they cuddled up on the couch.

 “You are guys are the cutest!” I said smiling at the happy couple.

“So are you two!” Addie argued.

“I meant the MARRIED couple!” I said.

“That’s almost us,” Nick whispered in my ear and kissed my neck, giving me shivers.

“Stopp,” I whined to Nick, blushing.

“Awwwww,” Addie and Joe said.

“Oh hush up!” I said pouting.

They laughed. For about an hour or so, Addie and I just talked about their honeymoon while Nick and Joe went upstairs to work on some stuff.

“We didn’t get anything done, Addie,” I said laughing putting my wedding planner back in the file cabinet.

“Well we should probably get home," Addie said.

"You don't look so well, Ad," I asked concerned.

"Yeah I've been feeling a little sick this evening. I took some medicine before I got here but it wasn’t working too well," she said, holding her tummy.

“Aww I'm sorry hon. Lets go find the guys and get you home,” I smiled, giving Addie a hug.

We walked up the stairs and found them in the recording studio talking.

“Nick, I’m not ready for this. I’m 23. This is all a mistake. I love her but we just got married. We’re about to tour again…” Joe was stressed out.

“So?” Nick questioned.  

He shrugged his shoulders. Seriously Joe? I looked over at Addie who looked like she was about to burst into tears. She dropped the binder she was holding and ran out of the room.

I walked over to the monitor and pressed the mic button to studio.

"Are you kidding me, Joseph?!" I yelled disappointed.

Joe was in complete shock. It hit him hard what he had said and that we both heard him and he darted out the door and out the studio. Nick walked out, red in the face from anger.

"I'm gonna kill him," he mumbled.

"Hey honey?" I said comforting him by rubbing his arms. "Let him go. He didn't mean it, I know it."

He unclenched his fist and relaxed a little. "I told him not to say anything now. We thought we were alone but I guess not."

I rubbed my temples and sighed deeply. Joe just has to ruin everything doesn't he? I got a text from Addie, asking to go to her house and help her from Joe.

"I gotta go talk to Addie," I said sighing and putting my phone in my pocket.

"I'll go talk to Joe," Nick said taking my hand. "Gosh, he's an idiot."

"I know," I said as we walked over to their house, Nick closing and locking the door.

We walked into their house and heard Joe banging on the door, begging Addie to let him in their room.

“Joe? Back off of her for now. I know you’re sorry but give her space and time,” I whispered to him. He gave me the key to the room. I knocked on the door to the room. “Addie, hon? It’s Leah. I’m coming in”

I gave her a big ol’ hug and walked her to her bed.

“Addie, are you ok?” I asked.

She shook her head. She had been laying on the bed crying. I was rubbing her back trying to calm her down.

“Joe and Nick are downstairs talking. He saw you run out of the house and he was just torn up that you heard that…” I explained to her. “I don’t think he really meant it.”

“Well he shouldn’t have said it in the first place,” she said through her tears.

“I know. Will you let him talk to you?” I asked hopeful.

She shook her head again. I think this is their first real fight. I felt bad for her.

“He needs to realize that he is married and that this is all him. He best be ready for it when it’s time,” she said, wiping her tears.

*Knock Knock*

“Yeah?” I called.

“Can I talk to Addie?” Joe asked solemnly.

I looked at Addie. She nodded. Thank goodness. I opened the door and let Joe in. I closed the door behind me to give them some privacy. I sure hope things turn out alright. I caught Nick downstairs in the living room.

“Did she let him in?” he asked when I got down the stairs.

“Yeah, we should give them some space. I’ll let Joe know we are going home,” I said pulling out my phone.

I sent Joe a text while walking back to the house. My stomach decided to grumble when we stepped in the house.

“Hungry much?” Nick chuckled.

“Yeah! Should we grab some dinner with Joe and Addie, if they make up and stuff?” I asked him.

“Sure! Sounds good to me,” Nick said. “How does Chili’s sound?”

“Great! I’ll ask them,” I said excited that I was getting food finally.

I sent Joe a quick text asking if they want to get some dinner. He didn’t text back for a while so I asked if they were coming. He said that Addie was getting ready now. I guess that means they are good.

“Are they up for it?” Nick asked curiously.

“Yup! Addie is getting ready now!” I said.

I grabbed my rainbows and put on a light jacket over my T-shirt. Nick put on his converse and we headed out the door.

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