I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


2. Late Night At Home

I saw Addie get up and walk to the door and there I saw him.  James.  Addie’s crazy ex-boyfriend.  She looked over at me with a worried and shocked look.  I looked at her with a “WTH is he doing here” look.  She started talking to him and I could see him trying to touch her all over.  Joe’s face was red and angry.  Nick looked at me, putting his silverware down.

“Leah? What is going on?” he said gesturing over to Addie.

His parents heard him and looked curiously at Addie too.

“That’s James, her ex-boyfriend.  He is really insane.  He’s disturbing, annoying, and over-protective.  I’ve always disliked him,” I said growling under my breath.

Joe stood up, furious, and ran over to protect Addie.  Nick got up also and ran to his side.  I saw them yelling at him to leave and just returned to eating my food.

“Is he trouble?” Mr. Jonas quietly asked me.

“Yeah.  He pretty much caused all of the fights they ever had and he tried to start multiple rumors of Addie and even bringing me into them,” I explained to the worried parents.

“I think Joe and Nick have it under control though, honey,” Denise said to her husband, patting his back.

Mr. Jonas eased up a little as the three returned to their seats.

“Gosh, I hate him,” Addie sighed as she flopped onto her chair.

“I agree.  I hate that kid so much now.  How did you even come to like him?” Joe said shaking his head.

“I have no clue,” Addie smiled at Joe.

He smiled back and kissed her forehead.

“Hey! I have to throw the bouquet!” Addie yelled to the girls sitting around and grabbing my hand.

“Okay ready, girls?” she asked.

“READY!” we assured her.

She turned around and closed her eyes.  She made a big swing and let go of the flowers.  I jumped up and grabbed the bouquet, with all the other girls falling on the ground around me.

"I got it!"  I yelled and then helping the others up.

We all laughed.

“Well, I'm thinking that you two should go off to your honey moon already!” I shouted to Addie and Joe smiling.

“Oh yeah! Where are we going, sweetie?” Addie asked desperately.

“Uh uh uh! I can’t tell you!” Joe said picking her up bridal style.

“See you all in 2 weeks!” Joe yelled over his shoulder as he walked to their limo holding Addie.

We laughed and started to help clean up the rec center.  Everyone has left by now.

“Well that was fun!” I said popping balloons and putting them in the trash bag Nick was holding out.

“And long! Gosh!” Nick said wiping his forehead.

We finished cleaning the balloons and decorations and started to pick up dishes.

“Nope!” Mrs. Jonas yelled to us. “That won’t be necessary!”

I smiled as she took the plates from my hands.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Positive. Now you two need to go get some rest!” she said, shoving us to the door.

“Bye. mom. Love you,” Nick said giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Jonas,” I said smiling and giving her a warm hug.

“Honey, you can call me mom, or Mama J, if you like,” she chuckled.

“Okay, Mama J,” I said smiling.

Nick took my hand and walked me to the car.  The drive home was comfortably quiet.  I loved these moments.  We would occasionally glance at each other and smile.

“You look tired,” Nick said as he parked the car in our driveway.

I hummed and snuggled into the car door that I was leaning on.  I saw him laugh a little as he walked over to my side of the car.  He gently opened the door and caught me as it swung open.  I had all of my weight on that door and he was going to pay for moving it.  He leaned over and unbuckled my seatbelt and carried me to the door.  I already had my keys out so I unlocked the door as my head was in his neck.  He opened the door and walked in, dropping his keys and my heels at the door.  He carried me upstairs and into our room.  I felt him lay me on the bed.  I opened my eyes smiling.

“You just did that to make me carry you,” he accused laughing.

I nodded and walked over to him.  He already took off his tux jacket so I had one less thing to do. ;)  I untied his bow tie and threw it on the desk chair.  I unbuttoned his shirt and gave him a quick peck on the lips.  He smiled and turned me around.  He slid the zipper down to my lower back and kissed my neck.  I let the dress fall down and quickly ran to our closet.  I grabbed a tank top and some pajama pants and ran back.  Nick already threw his button-up shirt in the hamper, which left him in his white V-neck and tux pants.  I stood there for a second and looked him up and down.

“Checking me out, are you?” he winked.

I stepped a little closer to him, “Maybe.”

He grabbed my waist and pulled me into a deep kiss.  It was a bit rougher than usual, and I loved it.  I pulled away and let him undo my bra.  I quickly grabbed my tank top from the shelf I laid it on and pulled it over my head.  He looked at me pouting.

“What?” I giggled.

“Nothing,” he said walking to his drawer and getting out some basketball shorts.  Oh how he loves his basketball shorts.

“Aww! Baby! What’s wrong?” I said smiling and wrapping my arms around his waist.

He turned around and sighed.

“Nothing.  I just can’t wait to get married,” he said smiling and kissing my forehead.

I gave him a hug and we stayed like that for quite some time.  Then I remembered that I didn't have any pants on.  I laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” he said pulling away and looking at me.

“I’m not wearing any pants, honey,” I said looking him dead in the eye.

He blushed a rosy red and laughed nervously, pulling away his hands off my waist.  I grabbed my pants and slipped them on as he changed his pants into his shorts.  He picked me up from behind and threw me on the bed.

“Hey!” I yelled.

“Hey, baby! Why you treatin’ me bad?” he started singing while crawling towards me on the bed.

I was laughing so hard I didn't realize his arms were on both sides of me.  I shot my head up to look at him.  Oh no.

“Don’t you dare, Nicholas!” I yelled to his face with a look of horror on my face.

He smiled evilly and moved his fingers for barely a second.  I started giggling uncontrollably.  I hate it when he tickled me.  I was crazy ticklish.  He stopped and kissed me on my nose to calm me down.  I grabbed his face with both of my hands and stared at his eyes.

“I may love you with all my little heart, but don’t EVER tickle me again!” I whispered yelled at him.

He smiled and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Yes, madam,” he winked.

He rolled off of me and we got under the blanket.  I quickly got up and turned off the lights and then walked slowly back over to the bed.  I looked at Nick a little bit too seductively and crawled on the bed; from the end to the pillow.  I swiftly got under the blanket and wrapped my arms around him as he played with my hair.  He kissed it softly.

“Good night,” he whispered.

“Sweet dreams, honey,” I said looking up at him.

He kissed my forehead and we closed our eyes, drifting off into a deep sleep.

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