I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


12. Dress shopping :)

A/N: Really long chapter but my favorite! Hehe... Enjoy! :)

Several days later, I called my mommy and step-mom to come over to help me and Addie go dress shopping. The guys went around town finding some music to play at the wedding because Nick and I realized that we both love fresh yet classic music, especially jazz. At around noon, my mothers, plus Addie’s mom and Madison, piled into my red Honda CRV and off to David’s Bridal we went. There were so many dresses! I had in mind the perfect dress. My mind can’t even put it all to words. Anyways, there were key things that were absolutely essential to my dress and it is hard to find. I need sleeves on my dress, probably short rather than long. We searched and found several I liked but didn’t LOVE. I think I’ll be able to “know” and feel what dress is the absolute one and only dress.

“How about this one?” Addie held up a beautiful long mermaid dress with flowers on the hip.

It had long lace sleeves, pointing at the hands.

I squinted my face, “I’m not really into mermaid gowns. I like them but it’s not what I see me in.”

She pouted and put it back on the rack. My mom was several racks down looking at more mermaid style dresses. Out of nowhere, a tall man with blonde quiffed hair peeked out of a row of dresses.

“Hello!” he said. “I’m Jerry, a specialist here at David’s.”

I shook his hand and introduced myself and my family that came with me.

“So I have a specific dress in my mind but I don’t know how to describe it. I really need some help,” I said, almost begging.

He laughed, “Of course! Let me get you a dressing room and we can try to get that perfect image out of your head and on paper.”

He led me to a room and shut the door, taking a clipboard off the wall.

“So, let’s see what ideas you have in mind,” he said pencil at the ready.

“Well,” I thought long and hard. “I must have short sleeves, to enter the place I am getting married at.”

“Mormon?” he questioned.

“Yes sir,” I laughed. “And I want a sweet heart neck line, draped in the middle and flowing down, possibly more ball gown but not dramatic or anything of the sort,” I continued as he scribbles and sketches.

“I’m thinking maybe a gorgeous silver beaded belt, which is easily removable. You got that?” I asked peeking at the sketch.

He quickly scribbled more and turned the clipboard over. I was completely astonished. That was it. He knew exactly what it was.

“That’s…it. That’s the dress! It’s perfect,” I gasped and traced the sketch lightly with my fingers.

“We actually have this dress right now ready to try on. It may not be your size but we’ll get you fitted and have ready for your wedding day,” he smiled genuinely.

“Thank you!!” I shrieked and gave him a big hug. “Oh! Sorry, I’m a hugger.”

He just laughed and set out to get the dress. I was anxiously waiting to see it. Would it really be like how he drew it? He left the drawing on the chair and I glanced at it in awe once again. I sure hope so.

Minutes later, he arrived with a tape measure around his neck and a beautiful gown in a plastic sealing in his arms. I was shaking from excitement.

“You ready to try this baby out?” he asked unzipping the protective cover.

“Are you kidding?!” I said almost jumping for joy.

Jerry carefully unzipped the dress as I undressed, with a slip under my own dress. I stepped my feet in and pulled it up and slid my arms through the sleeves. Jerry zipped it up and clipped it in the back to the right fit. When he was done, he allowed me to turn around to look in the full length mirror. I gaped at my reflection. This did not look like the Leah 3 minutes ago.

“Wow,” I sighed.

“Yeah, wow,” Jerry said smiling from ear to ear behind me. “Oh! I almost forgot.”

He tied a beautiful embellished belt around my waist, tucking in extra strings in the back.

“There. Now let’s go show the others,” he grabbed my hand and led me to the chairs outside and around the corner.

“Oh my…” my mom covered her mouth, tears threatening to spill over.

“Wow, Leah. You look gorgeous, honey,” my stepmom gaped.

“Beautiful!” Addie and Madison said at the same time, causing me to giggle.

Jerry disappeared for a second to get a veil, gently putting in my long, curled hair. All 3 mothers gasped with tears spilling down their cheeks. Addie was looking at me through my reflection smiling, with a tear rolling off her chin.

“I love it, Leah. Really, this is…like all of you in one dress,” Addie said, walking over to give me a huge hug.

Soon everyone was around me in one big group hug. I felt like in that very moment, everything was going right for this wedding. We found the perfect bride’s maids/maid of honor dresses, after calling Dani to come down to the shop and try hers on. The dresses were gorgeous on both of them. My moms wanted to find their own dresses so they left that to another day, with Mama J. After my stepmom bought the dresses and the veil, with some help from me and my other mom, we headed to the mall to find the perfect shoes to go along with the perfect dresses. We searched JC Penny’s and instantly found Dani and Addie’s shoes, along with my shoes. Mine were white silk 2 ½ inch heels, with a flower-like diamond jewel at the toe. And they were on sale! BONUS!

We headed home with bags all around us, waiting to see what the guys came up with.

We pulled up to my house, the lights to my house on, so I’m guessing they were home. Addie, her mom, and Madison went into Addie’s house to put their dresses and shoes away. Dani drove her own car so we departed at the mall, kissing her goodbye. My mom and stepmom had to leave early so they left as well. I walked in my house and put other bags down on the kitchen counter.

“Nick? Honey, are you home?” I called up the stairs.

“Yeah! I’m in the bathroom,” Nick yelled back, laughing a bit, embarrassed.

I giggled and went up the stairs to our room, finding papers all over the ground. I sighed picking one up and reading it. It was a flier for a band downtown playing. “Hmm?” I thought.

“Hey,” Nick said leaning against the door frame smirking.

“Hi, what’s this?” I asked holding up the flier.

“Well, we found this really sweet band downtown playing and let me tell you, honey,” he said walking over and wrapping his arms around my waist, as I automatically wrapped mine around his neck, playing with his curls. “They were flawless.”

I smiled and pecked him on the lips. “That’s great! Did you talk to them?”

Nick looked down, “Well not exactly. See I was hoping we could go to their live show tonight. They are playing at this restaurant/bar thing.”

“Ooooh that’s sounds fun. Will it just be me and you?” I asked stroking his cheek, hoping he would say yes.

“That’s what I was thinking,” he smiled down at me and kissed me softly. “Now get dressed into something sexy.”

I smacked his arm, gasping. He just laughed and went downstairs. I walked to my closet looking for something cute, but also sexy. I found a black sequined dress, lying about an inch above the knee. I put a black leather jacket with silver rhinestones on the back, over it and found some silver stilettos to go with it. I put my phone, a $20 bill, chap-stick, and a small brush in a small black handbag. I checked my hair and my makeup, making minor touch ups, before heading downstairs. Nick had on a black button up shirt with black vans and dark jeans. His curls being perfect as always, and the hint of his amazing cologne in the air. I guess he freshened up in the bathroom while I was changing. I cleared my throat as he was watching Seinfeld. He turned around and just stared with his mouth hanging open.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” I waved my hand in front of his face giggling.

He shook his head out of his trance. I had my hands on my hips, tapping my toe. He stood up and reached for my waist.

“You look…amazing,” he said kissing my lips then my cheek, down my jaw to my neck.

I giggled and pushed him off me and took his hand in mine. We made sure to feed Elvis and turn on only the front light for him, before locking the door and heading downtown in Nick’s mustang.

We parked on the lit up street of downtown, musicians all around on the sides of the street. I held Nick’s arm as he escorted me to this restaurant. We walked into a bar-like place and took a table near the small stage in the back. A band was setting up the stage as Nick pulled my chair out for me to sit. Instruments were being put in certain places and men crowded the stage figuring out sound and lighting.

“Don’t they look great and professional?” Nick asked looking at the stage and then at his menu.

“Yeah, I guess so. I kind of already like the fact that there is a variety of instruments,” I said looking at each instrument.

I quickly glanced at the menu and spotted boneless mild wings and looked at Nick who looked at me with the same smile.

“Wings it is then,” Nick said closing his menu and placing mine in his stack. A waiter came by and got us waters and we ordered our wings with a side of cheese fries.

“So how did dress shopping go?” Nick asked playing with my fingers.

“Absolutely amazing! I found the one and also Addie and Dani’s dresses as well. Plus shoes,” I said excitedly.

“I’m sure you’ll all look amazing,” he said with a genuine smile.

“Seriously, I found my one and only dress, just like I found you, except I found you on the TV and a magazine, rather than on a rack,” I giggled, sipping my water.

“Oh thanks, hon. I feel special,” Nick rolled his eyes, kissing my hand.

“Testing, testing….1 2 3, testing,” said the guy on the stage.

There was a dark colored man with a big afro on the guitar, a big bald guy behind him on the drums, and two white guys with longer hair, with a bass guitar and keyboard. They started to tune their instruments and test their mics. One guy played a beautiful chord that just about melted my heart. Nick saw my expression and chuckled. I laughed too and then the waiter came back with our fries and wings, with ranch on the side.

“Hello and good evening everyone,” the guy with the afro said. “I’m Sonny. On the bass is Johnny-Boy; on the drums is Michael “Mikey” Bland, and Mister Tommy Barbarella on the keys. We have some new and old music for you guys to groove and rock to tonight. Please enjoy us as The Administration.”

We clapped as Nick and I started eating, making sure to grab as many napkins for us as possible. The Administration started playing this soft blues, jazz music. I loved it immediately!

“I like them a lot, honey,” I said over the music and food in my mouth.

“I knew you would,” he smiled with sauce on his fingers, licking them clean.

We listened some more and finished our delicious food. After the band was done playing and got off the stage to eat some food and talk amongst others, Nick paid for our meal before we both headed over to them to talk about playing at our wedding. Nick introduced ourselves to them and we shook each of their hands.

“So we are engaged and are planning our wedding now,” Nick said holding my hand smiling down at me before looking at them again.

“And we love your music and sound. We wanted to know if you wanted to play at our wedding, on April 15th,” I finished smiling with hope in my eyes.

“Uhh sure! We would love to. Of course we’ll have to go over details on when, where, and all that jazz,” Sonny said.

“I’m sure we’ll be free to play,” John said nodding and smiling.

“Great! Thank you so much. It means a lot,” Nick said shaking their hands once more.

“No, thank you for allowing us to. It’s an honor, Mr. Jonas. It means a lot that you like our style of music,” Mikey said, his hand on his heart.

“Of course. We both absolutely love you guys,” Nick smiled.

We discussed everything that needed to be done and made note of their price by the hour and equipment needed, which they said they can just use their set. That’s sweet of them. We said our farewells and headed home, happy with our choice. As soon as we got home, we crashed. I didn’t have the energy to take off my heels or dress so Nick volunteered to do that, winking. I moaned in tiredness and agreed. He took off my jacket and threw it across the room, then slowly unzipped my dress. I decided to help him and take off my heels. I stood up and allowed the dress to drop to the ground and revealing my sexy black lace underwear. Nick licked his lips and moved my hair out of the way and kissed my shoulder, undoing my bra and letting it fall next to the other clothes. My eyes were closed in content and I could feel his every touch. He brushed his hands up and down my waist and arms. He backed away, making me instantly colder. He came back with a big T-shirt and put it over my head, lifting my arms in the process. I was so tired to even care about pants. I pulled him into one long kiss, which turned into quite a heated make-out session. Nick was in his boxers and V-neck. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, hands still tangled in his hair and searching his mouth with my own. He gently laid me down on the bed, not breaking contact with my lips. I took a deep breath, almost inhaling him and parted our lips, resting my forehead on his.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you tonight,” Nick whispered against my smiling lips. “I love you, you know that right?”

I smiled, “Of course I do, because I love you too.”

I kissed him once more and told him we need to sleep. We got under the covers and passed out almost instantly.

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