I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


13. Bath Time & Bad News

*2 weeks later*

It’s about 2 weeks before the wedding. I already went to my dress fitting and brought it home, well, hidden at Addie’s house. Most of the arrangements are made and we even got confirmation emails, calls, and letters in the mail saying “Congrats!” and that people are attending. Everything is turning out perfect.

During this time, we also were reminded of recording with the boys. So they took us to the recording studio and showed us the ropes and all that good stuff. We started on several songs and we are really getting the hang of it.

This morning, Nick and I decided to take Elvis for a morning walk. I am most definitely NOT a morning person. Nick should’ve known this by now, but I really needed this. The refreshing morning fog, the cool wind, and the sun rising was the perfect time to jog together. I loved it. We got back home and made a delicious breakfast with toast and cream cheese and omelets with green peppers and tomatoes in it. Talk about deliciously healthy right? We drank our orange juice and talked about random stuff. After washing our dishes, I went upstairs with Elvis on a small leash and grabbed several towels and led him to the bathroom with the giant tub. It was bath time and he knew it.

“Elvis…stop pulling,” I said, struggling to pull him into the tub.

He insisted on laying on the ground to keep me from my goal.

“Nick!” I yelled. “Can you come pick up your dog and put him in the tub?”

“Just a second!” he yelled back, running up the stairs. “Okay, buddy. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Nick lifted him up easily by the torso and set him in the tub, tying his leash around the faucet.

“Thank you, hon,” I said kissing his cheek. “Wanna help me?”

“Hmmm…not really, but fine,” Nick said looking at the dirty doggy.

I turned on the faucet, making sure it wasn’t too cold or too hot. I grabbed the small shower head at the bottom and turned it on. I made sure to wet Elvis completely as Nick grabbed his flea/tick shampoo and his soft mane conditioner, specially made for him. We scrubbed the shampoo in his fur, making weird hairdos on his head and back. I laughed at his newly formed Mohawk.

“That really suits him, don’t ya think?” I asked laughing at the silly puppy.

“He looks good. Very smooth,” Nick said scrubbing his backside.

Nick looked back at me evilly. Uh oh. I don’t like that look. Sure enough Nick grabs some bubbles and sticks it on my nose. I gasped but just let it happen. I’ll get him back.

“Perfect,” he grinned.

“Not as good as this,” I said before aiming the shower head at his face.

He sputtered water everywhere as I laughed hysterically.

“You did not just do that!” he gasped in horror.

“You were going to shower anyways!” I defended.

“Yeah! Without clothes!” Nick said standing up and taking off his wet T-shirt.

“Woops!” I said shrugging my shoulders but still giggling. “I love you!”

“Uh huh. Sure you do,” Nick rolled his eyes.

We laughed and finished rinsing Elvis and applying the softening conditioner to his whole body. He shook off before we rinsed him again, spraying it everywhere. We laughed as he attempted to jump out of the tub.

“Almost done, baby,” I stroked and kissed the top of his muzzle.

I rinsed him off again as Nick went to get more towels. I turned off the water and carefully untied his leash. Nick came in with an armful of towels and placed some in front of the tub for him to jump on. Elvis jumped and shook all over immediately after landing. Nick and I were laughing trying to grab him and rub him down with towels. I made sure the door was shut before letting him go. We soon finished towel drying him and brushing out his smooth mane before releasing him to run wildly throughout the house.

“Looks like he’s a happy doggy,” Nick said wrapping his hands around my waist. “Now it’s our turn.”

“No, Nick!” I laughed as he picked me up and twirled me around the bathroom. “Put me down, you’re gonna…”

Just as I said that, Nick slips on the wet floor, covered in towels, and falls, bringing me with him.

“Nick, are you okay?” I said through my giggles.

“Yeah, are you?” Nick said laughing and helping me up.

“I landed on you, honey! That’ll probably leave a mark,” I said giving him a wet hug. “Okay, I really need to take a shower.”

“As do I,” Nick winked.

I just rolled my eyes and tried to push him out.

“Nickkk! Go! I have to get clean,” I whined pushing harder and harder, trying not to slip too.

“So do I! We can just save water,” he insisted.

“Ugh fine! But I’m not getting completely naked,” I said, giving in and putting the shower head on the rod above us. We stripped down to underwear and got in the shower, helping each other wash our backs, arms, and shoulders. He even let me massage shampoo into his hair. It was fun playing with his wet, soapy curls. We finished cleaning up and wrapped clean towels around our bodies, stepping out into the cool air. I put the other dirty towels in the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom closet. We got dressed into some clothes and went downstairs, feeling refreshed. We decided to put on a movie and curl up on the couch and eat popcorn.

“What movie, honey,” Nick asked as I was in the kitchen putting the popcorn bag in the microwave.

“Whatever you want, sweetie. It’s your turn to pick,” I answered back.

The microwave beeped done after a few minutes. I poured it into a bowl and went back in the living room.

“What did you put in?” I asked cuddling on the couch with Nick.

“Mary Poppins?” he said raising his eyebrows for approval.

“Sweet! I love this movie,” I dug my hand into the bowl and offered Nick some too.

“Thought so,” he smirked.

He knows me so well, it’s almost unreal.

We finished the movie at around 5:30ish. We laughed and awed at the old times of watching this with family and stuff from our past, throwing popcorn in each other’s mouths, getting it everywhere.

“We’re going to have to pick this up you know?” I said laughing as I pulled popcorn out of my shirt.

“Oh I know,” he smirked and kissed me cheek. “Mmm tastes like butter.”

He licked my cheek and I tried pushing his face away, giggling, and struggling to get my hands free from his.

“Stoooop,” I whined.

“Kiss me and I will,” he said stopping, looking me dead in the eyes.

I pecked his lips swiftly before struggling again to get out of his grip.

“Nick, I kissed you now let me free,” I almost begged.

“Nope. Give me another one, but longer,” he grinned.

I rolled my eyes and freed my hands, grabbing his face and planting one on him, holding it for about 10 seconds. I immediately melted into his lips, moving in sync with his. I licked his top lip, which tasted salty. I smiled into the kiss, and pulled away slightly. I noticed the position we were in. I was sitting on his lap, legs wrapped around his waist. His arms were around my back, lightly pulling at my pony tail, as mine were wrapped in his hair.

“Have I ever told you you have beautiful eyes?” Nick said, staring into my eyes.

I shook my head slightly, “Not that I know of.”

“Well, you have really pretty hazel eyes, Leah,” Nick whispered.

“Thank you, and I love your brown ones, hon,” I said kissing his nose and giggling.

Elvis jumped up on the couch next to us and curled up, resting his head on the edge of the couch. We laughed and pet his head and behind his ears.

I got a glimpse of my phone on the counter. Addie and Joe hadn’t called us all day. I saw her mom and sister leave this morning, saying goodbye before we went on our jog around the neighborhood. I got up and went to send Addie a quick text to ask if they were okay today.


Addie:  Hey Leah, sorry we haven’t really talked to anyone today. We had a long night and well there’s a lot going on right now.

Me:  It’s all good. Are you feeling okay?

Addie:  Yeah, I think so. We are having KFC for dinner if y’all wanna come over and chat for a while.

Me:  Alright! What time?

Addie:  Joe is getting ready to go get it now. So you can come over now it you want.

Me:  Okay we’ll be over in a bit.


“Hey, honey,” I called to Nick from the kitchen. “Addie invited us over for some KFC.”

“Sounds great. I’ll get my shoes,” he called back.

I went upstairs with him to grab some flip flops, and a light jacket to pull over my cut-off tee. Nick and I locked our door and went next door. Joe answered.

“Hey Joe. Where’s Addie?” I called as we shut the door and put our keys on the table by the door.

“In here,” she called from the kitchen.

Joe kissed her goodbye and left to go get food. Nick noticed something off about these two, just as I did.

“Is he okay?” Nick asked, as we sat down at the table.

“We just had a long night last night. A lot happened and we will tell you together when he gets home,” she answered, looking down at her hands.

She looked so hurt and it was hard to watch but I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her in comfort. 10 minutes later, Joe showed up with the chicken, and dished it out to everyone.

All this silence was getting me anxious.

Finally Joe said, “Sorry I didn’t say much to y’all on the way out. We’ve just been really stressed out today.”

He looked at Addie and took her hand as she nodded.

“Addie woke up in the middle of the night with pains and curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor and I took her to the hospital and umm..” he trailed off, tearing up a bit.

Nick and I felt it because we both stared at Addie and with panic in our voices said, “Addie, what happened?”

“We lost the baby,” Joe said in almost a whisper, both them in tears.

I gasped and Nick joined me in squeezing her tight.

“Addie…I’m so sorry,” I said into her shoulder.

We all let the last of the tears fall and joined hands, blessing the food and asking for strength and comfort upon Joe and Addie. As we ate, you could tell the somberness was taking over everyone still.

“Come on, guys. I know this was a huge bump in the road for you two, but come on. We need to think on the bright side. That gorgeous baby is up in heaven sitting with God and all the other children that were lost. We know that he or she is in a better place right now. So let’s stay positive and happy. I mean, of course, you guys can try again, right?” I said, with gentleness in my voice.

Addie and Joe smiled and nodded.

“You’re right, Leah,” Addie spoke. “We need to think of this as a blessing, rather than a burden. It would’ve been beautiful and I’m sure it is up there somewhere looking down on us.”

Joe kissed her hand and smiled, with fried chicken dangling from the corner of his mouth. Addie giggled and wiped it off with a napkin. We finished our dinner, saying our goodbyes.

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