I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


14. A Day of Happiness :)

As Nick and I got ready for bed, Nick suddenly turned to me.

“Hey Leah? You know what day tomorrow is right?” he said.

I put the comb that I was using down and looked at the calendar, which said in bright red, all-caps letters “NICK’S BAPTISM.”

“Oh! Yay! You got your suit for that right?” I asked, checking the closet.

“Yep,” he said, unzipping the black suit bag and revealing a long-sleeved white button-down, a baby blue tie, and black suit jacket and matching pants. I ran my fingers along the creases.

“Oooh. I like it,” I said giving him a hug.

And sure enough, at 2pm the following afternoon, Nick was baptized. Friends in the church, family all over that we invited, and other members came and it was amazing. It was really a special moment for us and everyone around that witnessed it. We had a few refreshments afterwards and greeted everyone that came. My dad and mom were pleasantly happy with the choice he made, and I couldn’t be more proud of him myself.

After the long 4 hours of talking with family and saying our goodbyes, we got home at about 6pm, ready to make some final touches on our wedding plans. Joe and Addie went out for a date night so we decided to get some real work done ourselves. We picked this beautiful outdoor/indoor venue for a reception. Then it dawned on me.

“Hey sweetie?” I asked as I typed away on my laptop.

“Yeeees?” Nick answered, sipping his Diet Coke, eyes not leaving his screen.

“You know what would be perfect?” I asked looking up and resting my chin in my palms.

Nick looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I took that as a queue to go on.

“Well, some friends of mine just recently got married in the temple but they had a like, family and friends ring ceremony. I was thinking since all of your family aren’t members and can’t attend the real marriage inside the temple, we can have a ring ceremony that everyone can attend and watch. How about it?” I asked with hopeful eyes. I sure did get his attention though, and a spark lit up in his eyes. “I know it kind of sounds a bit last minute, but everyone that shows up for the reception would be there for the wedding anyways. We can also send out a big mass email to all of the people that said yes to our invitations and let them know, and to also pass it around to those that said they couldn’t come at first. I just want this to be perfect, for BOTH of our families.”

“I love that idea! Do you know who to call to get all that arranged?” Nick asked, concentrating on my face.

“Yep! I can call him right now,” I pulled out my phone and made the call.

It was pretty easy; I just had to call up a counselor in the church to set it all up. I gave them the plans of when and where and it was settled. Meanwhile, Nick was typing rapidly on his computer a long email to send to the “Wedding Invites” list in our contacts. He read it all back to me and I made some minor adjustments and it was sent! Phew! I’m so glad to have such an organized mind, sometimes. Of course, that doesn’t happen very often, but often enough, I guess. My phone buzzed as I got a text from Addie.


Addie:  Joe and I are going out of town for about a week. I think it’s about time we get out and calm down for a little while.

Me:  Sounds good. Y’all definitely need it, but be sure to get back before my wedding! Which by the way, we are able to do a ring ceremony! We just sent a huge email to everyone, including you guys, so watch out for those small details. Y’all have fun!

Addie:  Super cool! That’s perfect for the Jonas fam. Will do! See ya soon dear :* <3

Me: Bye darlings! <3 <3 N&L


“They really need this little vacation,” Nick said after I read him the texts.

“Tell me about it. I mean we had one too so let’s let them chill for a bit,” I said relaxing in my chair.

I turned off my laptop and yawned.

“Tired much?” Nick smirked.

I shook my head, but yawned again. Nick chuckled.

“You should get some sleep. You’ve been up since 8am,” Nick said, shutting off his computer and putting our cups in the dishwasher.

“Are you sure?” I rubbed my eyes.

“Yes,” Nick kissed my cheek and sent me up the stairs.

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I changed into some sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt and snuggled up in my blanket. Before I closed my eyes, I could hear a soft melody on the piano downstairs and drifted off into a deep sleep.


The next morning, Nick woke me up with the smell of freshly cooked pancakes. Mmmmm. The best dang smell in the whole entire world. I got out of bed and read the clock, which said ‘9:22.’ Waking up early, isn’t my thing, clearly, but when pancakes are just waiting for me to eat them with delicious warm syrup soaked in them, I just couldn’t resist. Plus, I went to bed a bit earlier than usual. Man, I needed that, and it felt good. I quietly tip-toed downstairs to find a half-naked Nicholas, with a hand towel draped over his shoulder, back turned to me, humming an unfamiliar melody. It was quite…beautiful. I was craving to hear him softly sing words. As I daydreamed of him singing to me, my hand slipped off the handrail as my foot slipped on the edge of the last stair. I caught myself, but I had slammed my elbow into the wall next to me. Woops.

“Ow,” I rubbed my elbow and did a little dance.

Nick had, of course, heard me and immediately stopped humming, and snapped his head in my direction, chuckling.

“Are you alright, Leah?” he asked, putting down the spatula to come help me.

“Yeah, just a bit clumsy and hit my funny bone. It ain’t so funny though,” I said pouting, and crossing my arms.

“Awww, poor Leah,” Nick said rubbing my arms and kissing me sweetly on the lips. “Turn that frown upside down.”

I rolled my eyes and gave him a big grin and hugging him around the waist.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Nick said, kissing my hair.

“Gerrrmm mmumm numm,” I mumbled into his chest.

“What?” Nick laughed.

I lifted my head up and rested my chin on his chest, “I said ‘Good morning Nick.” I took a deep inhale, getting a whiff of his cologne and the pancakes that were calling my name. “Mmm it smells so good.”

I let go of him to skip to the buffet counter and make me a plate of maple sausage links, pancakes, which I drowned in syrup, and poured me a glass of milk from the gallon of 2%.

I took a big bite of pancakes and said, “Thank you honey. It’s delicious!”

Nick closed my mouth shut and shook his head, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

I chewed and swallowed, “Yes, mother.”

Nick finished making the last 2 pancakes for himself and washed the pans. We started coming up with a bunch of stupid puns and corny jokes while we ate and giggled as we washed up the dishes together.

As we did I decided to bring up the humming I heard a second ago, “Sooo, are you working on any new songs?”

Nick tensed up for a split second and relaxed, “Well…kind of. But it’s kind of top secret so I can’t tell anyone about it. Especially you.”

“Me?” I looked at him confused, a smile playing on both of our lips.

“Yes, you. It’s a super-secret surprise and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, do you?” Nick raised his eyebrows.

Those freakin adorable eyebrows.

“Of course I do! What kind of question is that?” I exclaimed sarcastically.

Nick just rolled his eyes as we dried the last of the pans and started the dishwasher. Since it was Sunday, we got ready for church and left just in time to get to the church building in our neighborhood before it started at 11. We learned so many great things about the family and our roles as parents. We couldn’t wait to make that family of our own.

After 3 hours of church, we came home, starving.

“How about a picnic in the park?” I asked after changing into more casual clothes.

“Sounds perfect,” Nick said, taking out mini picnic baskets, perfectly sized for our bikes.

We filled it with a fruit salad, tuna fish sandwiches, a bag of celery and peanut butter in a small container, and a big thin blanket. We packed everything up in the small baskets of our bikes, bringing our water bottles, and headed to the park. It was a cute little neighborhood park; swings, picnic benches, slides and monkey bars, and a dog park across a field. It wasn’t too busy but it did have a few families that were enjoying the beautiful weather just like us.

We parked our bikes and locked them together, and set out to find the perfect spot under the little trees around the field. We laid out the blanket and took out our lunch, setting it around us. We looked like the cutest couple ever, I must say. Just so happy and content, like life and God has been so good to us, which was true.

“So let’s play a little game,” Nick said, popping a grape in his mouth.

“What game?” I asked, curiously taking another bite into my sandwich.

“I don’t know. Just ask some random questions and I’ll answer them, as truthfully as possible,” he said picking up his PB covered celery stick.

I nodded in agreement and thought hard for my first question, “First pet?”

“Easy one; a pet Goldfish named Rudy,” he said, smiling.

He took a bite of his celery stick and asked, “Yankees or Red Sox?”

I thought carefully. I didn’t really root for any of them but I know Nick loves the Yankees so I guess that was my favorite team too? “Yankees? I guess, I mostly root for the Atlanta Braves but between those two, I’m gonna go with your favorite, hon.”

“Good choice,” he winked.

I nodded, mouth full of more tuna. I swallowed, “Favorite childhood memory?”

Nick looked up to the sky and smiled, “Probably when we bought Rudy the goldfish.”

I glared at him. He cracked a smile and laughed, “I’m kidding. Hmmm probably just spending Christmas with my family; eating big meals and eating huge slices of all kinds of pie and cake. It literally is the best time of the year.”

I smiled, thinking of how I spent my Christmas’s, “I agree. It definitely is. Okay your turn.”

He looked down at the remains of his celery, looking as if debating if he should ask the next question or not.

“How many kids do you want?”

He looked so nervous, but I have no idea why.

“Maybe 4? Or 5? I’m not sure, but I’ve always wanted twin girls. I don’t care when I get them, I just want them. Plus, both sides of my families have multiple sets of twins so I’m almost guaranteed them. Well technically not 100% but more along the lines of 40%-50%,” I glowed at the thought of having children of my own.

Nick seemed to be thinking the same thing and a wide grin spread across his face. His face just lit up like the sun. He was 10 times more gorgeous in my mind, being a father. He leaned over and planted a deep kiss on my lips and whispered, “That’s good to hear.”

“How many do you want?” I asked him as he kissed my hand.

“As many as God allows us to have, but I think we’ll have to stop at 8, if we ever get that far,” he chuckled to himself.

“Eight kids? Wow, you better hope I don’t squeeze your arm off during all 8 of those births,” I said sarcastically, crunching on a celery stick myself.

We laughed some more and talked about things that wouldn’t really make any sense to anyone else except us. I loved those moments, of just talking about almost nothing and laughing at pretty much air. We were happy and we didn’t need anyone else to show us that. We finished our lunch and threw away the small bits of trash that was left, and packed up the dishes into the baskets. We then continued to play on the small playground, swinging as high as we could and sliding down the slide together. Today was just a gorgeous day in the life I’ve been destined to live. With the man of my dreams. :)

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