I Do.

Leah and Addie are best friends. Addie finally gets married and now it's Leah and Nick's turn. The planning, the stress, their love getting stronger, the jealousy. Leah and Nick are put to the test to get through their wedding and maybe an unexpected member joins the family on their way to the wedding day. Find out in "I Do."


4. 8 hours to Vacay

“It’s you and me forever. You and me right now I’ll be alright. Be alright. We’ll chase the stars to lose our shadow. Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine. So won’t you flyyyy with me.”

Nick and I sang the Jonas songs almost all the way down. I read the last Twilight book on the way down there too. Finally. (Don’t judge me Adriana… -_-) I almost fell asleep, but I convinced myself that we will have plenty of time to rest when we get there.

“Are you excited?” Nick asked as I ate a small packet of saltine crackers.

I nodded excitedly and swallowed.

“Heck yes I am! I can’t wait to check out the stores and seafood restaurants!” I said grabbing another cracker and shoving it in my mouth.

I could eat these for days! With water, of course. Nick held out his hand for a cracker and I dropped one in it. We were about 6 hours into driving when we decided we should stop for dinner. We stopped at Taco Bell and ate inside, to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom. As we ordered, the lady at the counter recognized Nick. I started laughing, but realized she was flirting a little bit too much for my liking. I immediately grabbed his left arm and lock our arms together. He looked down at me confused, but nodded when he understood why. The girl gave me a glare before smiling at Nick.

“Hi! Welcome to Taco Bell, Mr. Jonas! What can I get for you and the girl?” she said that last part with a slight attitude.

“Hi, I’d like to get a Volcano Burrito with a medium Diet Coke and my fiancé, here, would like…” Nick looked down at me.

“A chicken quesadilla with Verde salsa packets and also a medium Baja Blast, please,” I said smiling at her.

I had to be nice, even though I didn’t want to. The girl looked down with redness from embarrassment showing on her face, and typed in our orders. Nick paid and we waited for our order to be called. Nick had to take a bathroom break and left me with the receipt number.

“231,” the girl called.

That was our number. There was only 3 other people here, and they already had their food. I walked up to the girl and showed her my receipt. She looked at me and forcefully smiled.

“You’re very lucky, you know? Nick seems like the perfect guy,” she whispered to me.

I smiled back, “I know. He really is and I’m very lucky to have him.”

She handed me my food and I walked back to our table. Nick was back and we ate our food silently. We finished up and went back to the car with our drinks. We sang obnoxiously to my Demi Lovato CD. She was a fantastic singer. I was planning on inviting her also to come to our wedding reception. I also wanted her to sing at it, but I’d rather she just relax and have fun. I could tell we could be really good friends. After the rest of the drive to Malibu, we parked in the condo rental lot and Nick got out, getting our keys. I hummed some John Mayer and played a game on my phone while I waited for him to get back.

“Boo ya!!” I screamed as I beat a hard level on Angry Birds.  “What now, fat piggies?!”

Nick laughed and knocked on the car door that I locked, just in case a creep came crawlin around. I laughed, embarrassed, and unlocked the door.

“That was really loud,” he said as he handed me my key.

I just smiled at him.

“Ooh! Is it nice?” I asked.

He pulled out of the parking lot and drove about 5 houses down. He parked in the driveway of a beautiful small condo, raised off the ground in case of a tsunami or tidal wave.

“Wow,” I said in amazement.

We slowly got out of the car and grabbed our bags. We stared at the condo again. I giggled. The condo was white and right on the beach. Nick grabbed my hand and we walked up the stairs to the door. Nick unlocked the door and we turned on the light. It smelled like the sea and tanning lotion. We threw our stuff on the nearby couch in the front living room.

“I’m really tired, but I kind of wanna check this place out,” I said yawning and walking around into the kitchen.

“Sounds good, but we are going straight to bed afterwards,” Nick eyed the shell clock on the wall. “It’s almost 12.”

“Really? Goodness!” I said and touched the sandy granite countertops. “This place really is gorgeous! I think I want to stay here forever!”

Nick smirked.

“Maybe one day, we’ll have our own vacation home,” he whispered in my ear from behind me, grabbing my waist and pulling me into him.

“I would love that!” I turned around and gave him a quick kiss.

I pulled away and went to go exploring the condo some more. We discovered that there was two bathrooms; one with just a toilet and sink and another with a full jacuzzi bathtub and an overhead shower. It was pretty big. It also had one other small room besides the master bed room that had a vanity and a full length mirror on the closet door. It had a small dresser with a TV on top of it. Overall, I was very impressed with this condo. It must have cost Nick a lot of money to rent it for even 3 days. I felt really bad, but I know we needed this vacation and he found my weak spot. I’m obsessed with sunsets. He’s going to find out tomorrow how much I love them. We finally got back to the master suite, dragging out bags on the way. We piled everything on the vanity chair and bench next to it. I grabbed some sleep shorts and a concert t-shirt and put them on. I crawled under the covers and slowly drifted off into my thoughts. I felt the bed move as Nick got in bed also. I scooted over to him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I drew circles on his chest.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow,” I mumbled.

“Me too, now get some rest, beauty,” Nick said kissing my hair.

He started humming ‘Hello Beautiful’ and with that, I fell asleep.

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