Being Louis tomlinson sister

I'm Marie tomlison yes im louis tomlison sister the guy from one direction I fell in love with my brother band mate Liam Payne . What when I date one of his mate will he feel the same or different.

this is my first fanfiction please don't judge thnk you:-)



Liam pov

When i got to the cando where Marie and the babies were i had a extra key so i opned the door. I saw a note on the kitchen table it said:

Dear Liam by the time you read this i'm gone with jaylan and laylamarie. I saw you kissing Dani. I forgave you once but twice im done . I left and you wil never find me. I changed my phone number so don't call and i wouldn't need this. from marie.

When i saw the ring a started crying we been through alot i messed up everthing so i texted Louis and told him everthing he was furious.

Louis pov

So i got a text from Liam saying that my sister left  because he cheated on her with dani. I called her but the number is not on servecs. I called Hope if she know where she at she said ''no''. I began to get worry so i called our mum she told me that she knows where Marie is at but she won't tell me.

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