Being Louis tomlinson sister

I'm Marie tomlison yes im louis tomlison sister the guy from one direction I fell in love with my brother band mate Liam Payne . What when I date one of his mate will he feel the same or different.

this is my first fanfiction please don't judge thnk you:-)


3. My brother reaction

When my brother saw me and Liam kissing . My heart flunked  when he got out of the room i told him im soory when he turned around he started yealling as of im his daughter he yelled i told you marie you can't  date my lads i told you the first day when we became the band . Then i yelled back at him you can't tell me who or not to date and im not your daughter so dont scream at me .That when he told me you are going back home . I told him i hated him and i went to my room crying . I heard a knock it was Liam when i opned the door he had a black eye he told me  he can't date when i went out the door i saw Louis then  i kick him in the nuts . ohhhh that what i heard when i left . I went to the bathrom i saw a razor and i started cutting myself i got out of the bathroom with the razor in myhead when i turned around Zayn screamed for the guys when the came they saw my hand all bloody  Louis told Liam that is his fault .That when Liam said "no" because you wont let her date me and thats why she kicked you in the nuts when i looked at lou he started crying when Zayn took the razor he trew it away and hid the other ones. It was a complete silent until Niall screamed i'm hungry. I went to the room to clean my hand then Louis came to talk he said he was sorry and he will let me and Liam  date . When i hugged lou i went to look for Liam he was outside kissing another girl it was Danielle Peazer i started crying and i was hugging Louis . :-( 

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