Being Louis tomlinson sister

I'm Marie tomlison yes im louis tomlison sister the guy from one direction I fell in love with my brother band mate Liam Payne . What when I date one of his mate will he feel the same or different.

this is my first fanfiction please don't judge thnk you:-)


7. Liam Payne plan / birthday surprise

Liam pov

My plan was ready im going to do it tomrow since is her birthday  im so excited. my plan will make her love me.

The next day!!!

I can't it belive it is my birthday i already 19. I feel old . When i went downstare it  was quite then i turned on the light they yelled happy birthday everyone was here my mom,sisters and my best friend Elanour  . We ate my favorite cookies and cream.then from behind it was Zayn he kissed me in the forhead . Zamarie harry called . It was present time Louis gave me a new iphone 5 . Then harry gave me  a new laptop. Niall and Zayn bought me a condo i was so suprised . Liam told me he will give my present later . My mom handed me keys i asked what is this for then i went to parkinglot there it was my new car i was so happy . I went to my new condo it was two rooms i asked zayn why two rooms for you and Niall . When the guys left to get the moving things Liam stayed with flowers and his guitar he sang to me one thing he told me he loves him and that was dani that kissed him. He gave me a diamond heart necklace . 


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