Being Louis tomlinson sister

I'm Marie tomlison yes im louis tomlison sister the guy from one direction I fell in love with my brother band mate Liam Payne . What when I date one of his mate will he feel the same or different.

this is my first fanfiction please don't judge thnk you:-)


17. Jay and Layla first birthday :-)

Today is a amazing day it was my babies first birthday. And in 2 months im   going to be Mrs Payne it was 12:00 pm for the babies we had a pool party they had their own baby pool it was so cute my friends came Mine and Liam family came it was a amzing day . Liam got the baby a one direction shirt of Liam that said 1# daddy. Louis gave them a one direction shirt of him that said 1# uncle. I got them toys since their only one . When we sang happy birthday the cake was a strawberry shortcake for layla and for jaylan it was elmo . When everyone left i cleaned up so did Niall by eating last pieces of the cake.

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