Being Louis tomlinson sister

I'm Marie tomlison yes im louis tomlison sister the guy from one direction I fell in love with my brother band mate Liam Payne . What when I date one of his mate will he feel the same or different.

this is my first fanfiction please don't judge thnk you:-)


1. My brother audition

Yes im  Louis tomlinson younger sister Marie tomlison im 18 years old.I fell in love with my broher band mate Liam payne . I met liam while he was auditioning on the xfactor in London . I heard my brother was put in a band with Liam and  3 boys name Harry,Zayn and Niall . They named the band one  direction. Then my brother came and he told me i can't date any of the boys. I told  Lou you can't tell me who or not to date beside i dont like neither of them i had a funny felling he didint belive me.


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