Dreams do come true

Sarah was no normal 18 year old , she always chased after her dreams even though her brother doesn't believe in her nonsense . Until one days he proves her brother wrong and mets the love her life in her dreams.


1. Dreams do come true part 1

Sarah wasn't ur normal teenager, she lived with her brother and his wife after her parents died in a car accident 1 year ago. Ever since she was 12, she has been getting dreams of a boy, with blue eyes like the ocean, blonde dyed hair and the sweetest Irish accent. Sarah always wanted to meet him to tell him that she loved him , because every time before she was going to tell him, she would wake up. Sarah only told her friends about him, because very one else thought that she was crazy and it was just her imagination and that he really just lived in her dreams, Sarah always hoped that he was dreaming of her as well , so one day if they met she would be able to tell the world about their love story.

After school finished, instead of going home , she went to the park that was near by, as she was walking she thought that this place looked familiarly, then it hit her like a thunder bolt , it was the park she dreamt of last night. As she was making her way to the swing, a boy that was sitting on the bench , made his way to the other swing next to her. As Sarah looked into the boys but eyes , she thought he looked very familiarly, but before he said anything the stranger spoke and said,
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