Erica knew she was different she just never thought she would have special powers.Her life changed forever when she turned 17 and she didn't know what was going on until she meets certain people she didn't know were still alive. will she take a risk, find out more, and risk her life...or play it safe, try and forget about it, and risk all of her friends and family's lives?????


1. crazy changes

*Erica's P.O.V.*


It started like every other birthday. My parents got all emotional talking about how grown up I am and as usual my brother didn't care. as i brushed through my long thick brown hair i noticed that my usual blue eyes were changing from blue to grey to green and back to blue... i decided to wear something nice since its my 17th birthday. I dressed into a pencil skirt and a lace shirt. I got a text from one of my best friends, Miranda. Miranda has brown hair and blue eyes. The text read: "happy b-day girly hope its amazing!!!!!!!!!!". I texted back:"thanks love ya".





When i got to school i was welcomed by all of my friends Miranda, Carla (blonde hair and brown eyes), Angela (blonde hair and hazel eyes), Mya (black hair and blue eyes), Ella (brown hair and brown eyes), Abigail (blonde hair and green eyes), Jordan (brown hair and green eyes),and Aron (black hair and hazel eyes). They all say happy birthday and i hug each of them a hug. After that i went to first period with Carla and Angela. During the morning announcements in first period every body sang me happy birthday. While doing work in class i got this splitting headache and then I got suddenly dizzy the it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and i had to throw up so I ran outside and vommited. The last thing I see before I faint is the teacher coming up to me asking if I'm ok....



When I wake up I realize that i am in the nurses office there are three other people in the room. My prents and Jordan. Then I say, "why is Jordan here?" Jordan looks at me with his beautiful green eyes and says, "long story we'll explain later." "Are we going home?" I ask. "Yes now let's go," my mom says.



When we get in the car I ask "ok so now will you tell me why he's here?" "I'm here because your powers came in," he said. " Wait powers? what are you talking about?" I said. "It's a long story I'll tell you later but for now we need to get to olimpia." he says. "well that explains about absolutely nothing" I say. They have alot of explaining to do...

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