One Direction Dream Journal

This is my dream journal. I know that these may seem made up, but I promise, they're not. I have very strange dreams. Most involve blood, a shooting, and One Direction for some strange reason. I'll update when I have more of these dreams. I do NOT make these up. I promise. If you want to read these awesome. If not, oh well. I hope you like it.


6. Singing for One Direciton


I sit in my school auditorium. One Direction is up on the stage performing Rock Me. After each song, a group of kids gets to go up there and talk to them and ask a question or two. I'm not signed up for it, but hey! I'm up for some rulebreaking!! "Okay! I'm going up there!! Rock Me is almost over!! I am going to do this!" I say to my BFF Elizabeth. "Yeah! You can DO this!" She gives me a firm nudge and I run up to the stage before anyone can stop me. Before I know it, I'm standing under a bright stage light, looking over the audience. I look down to see five hotties at the end of the stage. I gain confidence as I step up to the micraphone. "Hi!! I'm Jessica! I'll be singing a song I wrote today. It's called Toxic Casanova! I hope you like it." A guitar appears magically and I start the introduction. "Tell me that you love me! You know I love you too! Tell me that you need me! You aint' got nothin to prove! The hair, the eyes,the skin, that smile. Oh baby. You inoxicate me! A-you, provide, the warmth, the time, that makes  you mine. Oh baby! You are intrancing me!"


"And everytime, I wonder why I think of him, I reply, 'He's a toxic casanova. Somthing I don't wanna run away from!'" The crowd erupts in screams and clapping. I see people start to stand and chant my name. "JES-SI-CA!! JES-SI-CA!!" I see that the boys are chanting my name as well as they make it up to the stage. "Wow love! That was amazing!" Louis says, hugging me. "Yeah! You're a natural! Have you ever had lessons?" Zayn asks. I shake my head. I've never EVER had a lesson of any kind. "Well, that was amazing!" Liam says to me. He winks as well. I know I'm blushing because my cheeks are warm. The boys see this and start to laugh. "Would you like to sing with us some more?" Harry asks. I can't breath anymore. One Direciton wants me to sing with them. "Um, u-um, I... YES!!" I yell finally. "Before we start, would you like to meet some of my friends?" They all nod. "Sounds good. You go get them and we'll get ready for the next song." Niall says. I nod and run off. "ELIZABETH! REYCHEL! KAIT! FATIMA!!!" I yell for them in the gym. They appear and I run towards them. "Oh my god!! You did it Jess!!" Reych says to me. "Yeah, I'm still shaking!" I say. I hold out my unstable hand and show them how bad this is. They laugh. "So, why aren't you making your move on Liam yet? Isn't he your 'man'?" Fatima asks. "Yeah, um. Since you all like a different member of the band, I've called upon you to come and meet your 'men'." They all look bewildered. I take their hands and lead them to the boys. "Hi guys! These are my friends! Harry, this is Reychel." I throw her into his arms and let him catch her before she falls. "Niall, this is Elizabeth!" I do the same thing. "Louis, this is my friend Kait." The same thing. "Zayn, this is Fatima." I throw her into his arms and I turn to Liam. "Liam, I'm Jessica. I don't think I should hurl myself at you though." I laugh. He nods and laughs. I see the girls in deep conversation with their guys. I look back to Liam. I see a sparkle in his eyes, I think I know how this'll end. "You were, really amazing out there." Liam whispers into my ear. He kisses my cheek. and goes in for another, but I turn my head at the last minute, changing his target to my lips. We kiss and I feel sparks all around me. Surrounding my body, consuming my whole being. We pull apart gently. "Well, we have to get back onstage." He says. He gathers the guys and go onto the stage. The girls turn to me with ear to ear smiles. they have the guys wrapped around their fingers. I see the boys in a huddle, but they soon break apart and go out into the middle of the stage. "Hello again everyone!" The crowd erupts in screams. "We would like to dedicate this song to our new girlfriends!! Please do us the honor of letting us be your last first kiss!" The crowd screams again as the boys start to sing. Their eyes are either on the girls, me, or closed. We enjoy the rest of the day listening to our new boyfriends and singing our hearts out. 

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