One Direction Dream Journal

This is my dream journal. I know that these may seem made up, but I promise, they're not. I have very strange dreams. Most involve blood, a shooting, and One Direction for some strange reason. I'll update when I have more of these dreams. I do NOT make these up. I promise. If you want to read these awesome. If not, oh well. I hope you like it.


7. Short Dream (Not 1D)

A/N HI GUYS!!  This one is not about one direction, and it's really short. It kinda goes along the lines of Maximum Ride. So if I have any Maximum Riders out there, this is kinda about that. But not really. Okay, here you go my peeps!!


 I sit on the bus, holding my books close to my chest. I try to ignore the boy attention I recieve, but it's really hard. "Why don't you take your top off for us babe?" One boy suggests. I finally go over the edge. "OKAY! I SEE HOW IT IS! I'll show you what you want to see, when I get off." They cheer in success. I live a few miles away from the school so it would seem obvious that somthing is wierd with me if I walked, so I took the bus. I get off of the bus, but before I do get off I say somting to the bus driver. "Um, would it be okay if you kept the bus still until I showed those boys somthing?" I ask her. She nods and turns the bus off. I put my things on the ground when I get out side. I need to show them exactly why they don't need to see with my shirt off. I signal them to lower the window, which they do. "Okay boys. I hope this is what you wanted to see!" I slip off my Aeropostle shirt and let it fall to the ground. I am now standing in only a bra, and tank top. Along with jeans and shoes of course. I unfold my wings and extend them their full length. Which is fourteen feet across. The boys' faces turn from amused and victorious, to freaked out and scared. I take off into the air and hover right next to the window of the bus. "Boo." I say. They freak out. I say okay to the bus driver and she starts the bus and rides off.I laugh as I land. I collect my things and start to fly towards my house. I drop it off and go to my special place. I never get there because I wake up.

A/N I hoped you liked it. I don't know why I decided to put this on here, but I thought it was amusing, and I wanted to share it with you. Well, kay bye!!!

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