One Direction Dream Journal

This is my dream journal. I know that these may seem made up, but I promise, they're not. I have very strange dreams. Most involve blood, a shooting, and One Direction for some strange reason. I'll update when I have more of these dreams. I do NOT make these up. I promise. If you want to read these awesome. If not, oh well. I hope you like it.


8. One Month Left Concert

A/N Okay, so I've FINALLY had another 1D dream and I am so excited because it's the first one I've had in a while. Okay so... Here it goes!!


"Jessica, I'm afraid this disease is uncurable. You only have a month to live. Is there anything you want to do before you..." The doctor trails off, I sit on the hospital bed, gripping the sheets as hard as I can. I've found out that I have an incurable sickness. I think about something I've always wanted to do. "I-is it possible to have a concert, for me to sing to people?" I ask the doctor. "I think we can have that arranged." I nod and get off of the bed. I drive home and rehearse my songs for the concert until I get a call from the doctor. "Your concert will be tomorrow. Okay?" 

"Okay, that's fine. How many people will be there?" I ask him. I'm anxious to find out how many people will hear me sing. "About three hundred. But, I think the question you would like to ask is WHO is coming..." The doctor says goodbye and hangs up. What does he mean I should ask who was coming? Oh well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I keep practicing for a while longer and go to bed.

***NEXT DAY***

I get ready and I drive to the place that the concert will be. I pull into the parking lot and walk backstage. I'm swept off to get my hair and makeup done, and then put into the perfect outfit for the concert. I grab my mic and walk out on stage. There are so many people here. I look out at the audience and start the show. "Hey everyone! Thank you for coming! My name is Jessica, and I'll be singing you some songs I've written. Now, uh, if you just came here to see a girl with one month to live make a fool of herself while croaking out stale notes, you've come to the wrong place. I'm here to sing. I'm here to live out my dream for all of you. So, here goes nothing. This first song is called Toxic Casanova." I take a deep breath and start to sing my song. "Tell me that you love me, you know I love you too. Tell me that you need me you aint' got nothing to prove. The hair, the eyes, the skin that smile, oh baby! You intoxicate me!" I go through the rest of the song and start the intro to the next song. "Okay, so this next song is called When I'm Gone. It's one of my favorites. I hope you like it." As I sing this one, I start to notice some of the people in the audience. I see five boys staring up at me. But one face shocks me the most. My best friend from middle school, Liam Payne was standing amongst them. I can't believe he came. After the song, I sing the third out of four songs, called Fall. When that song finishes, I look him in the eye. "One person knows what I'm singing next, because he wrote it with me. Liam, get up here." Liam's face lights up as I recognize him. He rushes up and is thrown a mic. He comes over and whispers in my ear. "Can my friends join?" I nod and he signals for his friends to come up on stage. "Hey! I'm Louis!"

"I'm Zayn"

"Hi, I'm Harry."

"I'm Niall. Good to be here."

"And I'm Liam! And we are-"

"ONE DIRECTION!" They say that last bit together. We all start singing on my count. I can't believe Liam taught them Stars in the Moonlight. "Hold me close and chase all my fears away, telling me that eveything will be okay. No more fright, in this place where dark meets light, with you." I sing alone. We all sing the chorus together. "Will you come with me to see the stars shine bright? Would you come with me to see the moon in the starlight? Come with me to lay under the midnight sky. Come with me to see the stars in the moonlight." Liam sings the second verse with me. "Cheer me up, wipe my tears. Tell me things that will stay with me for years. Let your voice fill my spirit and my ears. Pick me up, and say:" We all sing the chorus again. It's Liam's turn for his solo. "Stars shine bright, beautiful moonlight." My turn again. "Hold me close under the midnight sky." We sing this together. "Come with me to see the stars in the moonlight." I sing the rest of the song alone. "Come with me under the midnight sky. Hold me close and watch the stars shine bright... Come with me to see the stars in the moonlight." The song finishes and I stand there with tears streaking down my face. "JESSICA! JESSICA WAIT!" The doctor comes running towards me with a piece of paper. He stops in front of me and smiles. "You're not dying! You've been diagnosed wrong!" I stand there in bewilderment. The crowd starts whispering. "You're going to live a long, healthy life!" The doctor exclaims. I start to cry some more and then I feel lots of arms go around me. The boys have pulled me into a big hug and the crowd starts going crazy!! I hear whoops and hollers and laughter. "You'll be okay Jessica! You're going to be okay!" Liam whispers in my ear. On an impulse, I lean up and kiss him on the lips. He kisses back. Before we break the kiss, I wake up.

A/N Hope you liked it!! Cya later mah peeps!! Peace out!!

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