One Direction Dream Journal

This is my dream journal. I know that these may seem made up, but I promise, they're not. I have very strange dreams. Most involve blood, a shooting, and One Direction for some strange reason. I'll update when I have more of these dreams. I do NOT make these up. I promise. If you want to read these awesome. If not, oh well. I hope you like it.


4. Hit and Run/Singing to Liam

A/N Well, all I can say is that this is a little... confusing. I don't know how I end up like I am but hey, dreams are like that sometimes. This dream was a little blurry so the plot may seem a little rough around the edges. Hope you like it!


"" I mutter through gritted teeth. A light comes on above me as I sit on the side of the dark road at the back of a building. "Yeah! Party at Louis'!!" A male voice is followed by lots of laughter. I try to look that way but my weak body just can't move. I was in a hit and run crash. No one was there to witness it, so now, I'm stuck here swimming in my own pool of blood. I hear more talking and then very faint scuffing. I hear a gasp and running. "Oh my God! Harry call an ambulence!!" I keep muttering things like "Don'" I feel a hand touch my back, and then another on my waist. He tries to turn me over but fails because I scream. My leg feels broken. It probably is. I hear a faint siren and then sigh heavily. New tears blur my vision. "Oh god! What happened?" A boy with a buzz cut looks at me. I see his eyes glisten and then a tear fall down his red cheek. "I...I...crash...hit Please, help me." I feel a very tentave touch on my broken leg that lays on my other and then very slow, agonizing movement. I am then turned onto my back. the buzz cut boy bicks me up and lays me across his lap. I see four other boys in the dim light. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, a boy with a mess of chocolatey curls and green eyes, a boy with a blackish colored quiff and dark brown eyes, and a boy wearing stripes who has greenish-blue eyes. "Well, I'm Liam." Buzzcut says. I hear the emotional pain in his voice as he speaks. He's probably covered in my blood. "I'm Harry." Curly says. "Niall." Blondey. "Zayn."Quiff boy. "I'm Louis." Stripey says. "I-I'm Jes-ssic-ca." I stutter. The ambulence finally arrives and I'm put on a stretcher and rolled into the vehicle. "Wait! Let me come too!" Liam says hopping on. The ambulence takes off, but not before Harry and Zayn yell that they'll meet us at the hospital. "Hi honey. I'm gonna need you to stay awake for me. Okay? I'm going to have your friend ask you some questions and talk to you until we get to the hospital. Okay?" I nod faintly while the paramedic nods at Liam. "Uhmm... Okay Jessica. What's your favorite band?" I look over to him. His cheeks are tear-stained and I can see he's trying to stay strong for me, even though we just met. "I-I like Th-the Fr-ray, One Dir-rect-tion, and Ev-vanesc-scans-se." I manage to get out. "Okay! I like them too. Do you know any of their songs?" I know a One Direction song. Save You Tonight. "I k-know Save Y-you To-onight. By One Direction." He nods. "Can you sing it for me?" I nod in turn and open my mouth. "I-I-I I wanna save your, wanna save your h-heart toni-i-ight! He'll o-only break ya only br-reak your heart o-oh. I-I can't be-e no s-super-r man-n but for you I'll be super-r hum-man! I-I-I I wanna save you, wanna sav-ve you to-onight." I attempt to sing. My normally good singing voice is now replaced by a cracky, squeaky, breathey that is in no way my own. Liam looks at me once again with puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks. I can see he was crying while I was singing. He grabbed hold of my hand as I started to tear up. "A-am I going t-to d-die?" I ask through sobs. The paramedic shakes her head. "I don't know sweetie. It looks like your injuries are very severe. If we get you to the hospital in time, you might live. These boys saved you just in time. If they had found you sooner, it wouldv'e been too late. You are a lucky girl." I nod as I process this. I may die, I may not. We'll see what happens. I hum a song that gets stuck in my head everyday it seems. How to Save A Life by The Fray. Liam notices what I'm humming and starts to sing to me. "Step one, you say we need to talk. He walks, you say sit down, it's just a talk. He smiles politely back at you, you stare politely right on through. Some sort of window to your right. He goes left but you stay right between the lines, of fear and blame you pretend to wonder why you came. Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness and I would have stayed up with you all night. Had I known how to save a life." I slowly drift off to sleep but am called back. It's too late to call me back now, I have surrendered to the darkness that overtakes me...

Death is peaceful, death is easy and light. Life is hard and complicated. Life is where you need to wake up every morning and live through tears, pain, betrayal, heartbreak, and so many more distressful things. Death is just slipping into a dark abyss until you see that fameous whit light at the bottom. Then you are rocked like a baby in a heaven full of dim colors and sparkley trails of light. Or so I think...

I awaken to the sound of tears. Tears and singing. My eyes adjust to the bright hospital light. I trail them on a sobbing figure to the right of my bed. A boy with a buzz cut... I remember his name. Liam. Liam sits by me in a hard hospital chair sobbing over my limp, distressed figure. I give his hand I light squeeze. He stops sobbing and looks to my face. He sees my eyes and he gasps. "Guys! Guys! She's awake!" I see his cheeks, tearstained and flushed. his eyes are puffy and pink from crying. The other boys wake up instantly and rush over to find spots around my aching body. "How do you feel Jessica?" The boy with a quiff-- Zayn asks. "I-I, I ache so bad right now... but other than that, I'm fine." I scoff to myself. "Good. That's good. Well, Liam here told us he didn't get to finish your song for you. We've come to finish it for you." Niall says. I just nod. All of the boys harmonize starting on the second verse of the song. "Let em' know that you know best cause' after all you do know best, try to slip past his defense, without granting innocence. Lay down a list of what is wrong. Things you've told him all along. And pray to God he hears you. And pray to God, he hears you! And, where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere, along in the bitterness and I would have stayed up, with you all night. Had I known, how to save a life. Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness, and I would have stayed up, with you all night. Had I known, how to save a life..." I don't hear the rest of the beautiful song because I drift off into a much needed, peaceful, wonderful, alive sleep.


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