One Direction Dream Journal

This is my dream journal. I know that these may seem made up, but I promise, they're not. I have very strange dreams. Most involve blood, a shooting, and One Direction for some strange reason. I'll update when I have more of these dreams. I do NOT make these up. I promise. If you want to read these awesome. If not, oh well. I hope you like it.


5. Dancin' to Train

A/N Okay, so in this dream, I am living with One Direcion for some strange reason. I don't know how I got there, I don't know how I managed to meet them or anything. I just live with them and stuff... I do think I might be living with Liam, but we're all on tour right now. But, I don't really know. Well, here you go!!


I dance around my room to "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. I'm not just dancing though. I'm doing one of those "I don't give two craps about what I do cause' no one's watching" Kind of dance. I spin around to see somthing that I was NOT expecting to see. Zayn, was standing there, coking back tears and laughter, holding a CAMCORDER!! I blush a deep red because I was doing a lot of butt-shaking... "ZAYN! GIVE ME THAT NOW!!" He busts out laughing. "No!! This is going on YOUTUBE!!" My eyes widen as he takes off bounding down the stairs to his room. I chase after him and find the other guys in the kitchen. "ZAYN HAS A VIDEO OF ME DANCING!! Help me get it back!! Please!!" The boys just laugh. "Well, I will... If you let me watch it once we've got it back. You are my girlfriend after all." Liam says with a smirk. I sigh. "Okay! Okay! Does anyone else wanna help?" Three hands shoot up. Of course they all wanna see me make a fool of myself... "Okay! Well then, LET'S GO!!" We all burst into Zayn's room.  "STOP! I am about to click upload! Don't come any closer and I will!!" Zayn threatens. Niall laughs evilly. "Hey Zayn... Remember when you were dancing NAKED in your room?"

"No... You didn't..." He says. "Oh yes we did!" Harry laughs. "OKAY! OKAY! You win! Give me the tape, and i will give you the laptop AND the camcorder!!" I hesitantly switch with him and he imediately destroys it. I delete all evidence of the dance on the laptop while the boys watch the video on the camcorder. The laughter grows and I turn to see me... Shakin' my groove thang... Oh yeah. I love my moves (Note the extreme sarcasm). I shrug. Atleast I got it back. It is pretty funny though. XD

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