Over Again

Callie, a twenty year old drop out, was troubled from the start. She grew up in a bad part of New York and was raised by poor parents, who disappeared shortly after she turned sixteen. She decides to go to London to start a new life. She never suspects a super star to help her throughout her tough journey to the finish line, but as she encounters some bumps in the road, she isn't one hundred percent positive that she will make it.


4. This is the Start of Something New

Louis's P.O.V.

We had the best day together, all of us, making cookies, watching movies, listening to music, being silly. She still doesn't know about how me and the boys. I thought now was a good time to tell her, after our "dinner" of gummy worms and chocolate cereal.

"You're gonna make me fat!" She giggled, full of energy.

"Hey, listen, um, I just wanted to tell you something..." I gulped. "Me and the boys... Well, we're famous."

She seemed surprised. "Like... How famous?"

"Pretty much the most famous boy band in America," Liam replied as he jumped on the couch and ruffled her pastel red hair.

"Cool," she said, eyes sparkling. "Let's play a game!"

Cassie's P.O.V.

"Ok Liam, your turn. Truth or dare?" I asked Liam, his eyes fearful.

"Uh... Dare?" He's gonna regret that decision.

"Okay Liam, I dare you to... Lick the toilet seat!" The look on his face was priceless.

"No way!" He shook his head, receiving several "aww"s, "boo"s, and "come on, man"s.

"Okay, okay, fine, but you're gonna get it GOOD when it's your turn," Liam slowly shuffled down the hallway, the rest of us on his heels.

I couldn't even watch as he did it. Zayn almost barfed, and I don't blame him.

We all silently walked back to the couch. Once we were all seated, we all just burst into random laughter, including Liam.

"Okay, okay, whose turn is it now?" Niall asked, and all the boys looked at me.

"Okay, fine. Ask me."

"Okay, Callie. Truth or dare?" Niall asked me.

"Dare," I narrowed my eyes at him.

He huddled all of the guys in with him, and all of them looked at me with evil eyes, except for Harry who had a different look in his emerald green eyes.

"Okay Callie, we dare you to make out with Harry and Louis."

I almost choked on the water I was drinking.

There was a long silence. I figured Harry would agree to Niall's proposal, him being a lady's man, but Louis?

"Uh... Okay?" To be honest, I never have kissed anyone before, let alone make out. I never even had a boyfriend.

Harry was first. I took in a deep breath and prepared for my first. He leaned in slowly.

Our lips met, and I thought I tasted strawberry for a second. Does he use strawberry Chapstick? I shrugged mentally, and continued. Nothing really happened. I never imagined a first kiss to be like this. No sparks, nothing.

After about two minutes, it was Louis's turn. He quickly smashed his lips into mine, and I was a bit caught off guard for a second. A regained my balance and kissed him back. This was much different than my kiss with Harry. This one had meaning. There were sparks this time, there was heat. Before I knew it, Niall told us we could stop, but we didn't. Harry may have technically been my first kiss, but Louis was my first real kiss. We finally pulled away and smiled at each other.

"Okay... Whose next?"

Hours later, we had played several games and had lots of candy, it was time to go to sleep. I was on the couch, still thinking about Louis. I never thought the creep who asked a homeless girl to stay at his house would turn out to mean so much to me. I watched some TV shows and during the middle of a movie, at around 12:45, Louis came downstairs.

"I can't stop thinking about you," he said, startling me.

"It's like you can read my mind," I replied with a smile.

He came to sit on the couch with me and hugged me close to him. He kissed me on the forehead gently as I drifted off...
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