Over Again

Callie, a twenty year old drop out, was troubled from the start. She grew up in a bad part of New York and was raised by poor parents, who disappeared shortly after she turned sixteen. She decides to go to London to start a new life. She never suspects a super star to help her throughout her tough journey to the finish line, but as she encounters some bumps in the road, she isn't one hundred percent positive that she will make it.


6. Pain is Only Relevent if it Still Hurts

*Auther's Note*

You have NO idea how sorry I am for not posting for so long. I promise I will post much more often I have just been super busy! I also realize that I've already done a line from this song (the chapter title). If you don't know, all of my title names are Ed Sheeran songs. I'm so sorry and thanks for reading!


Callie's P.O.V.

It's nearly been a month that I've been in London, and a thought has occurred to me several times. Why don't I miss New York? My "friends"? The joy of recieving the crinkled up wads of dollar bills? I shrugged to myself as a took a bite of buttery toast.

Zayn gave me a look as he popped a piece of toast in the toaster. All of the boys were doing something today besides Zayn, so it was just me and him.

"Talking to yourself again?" Zayn asked with a playful smirk.

"Oh shut it," I returned his smile and threw my crust at him.

"Aye!" He dodged my piece of flying bread. "Shouldn't you be doing something today?"

I shook my head. "No. Should I?"

"Maybe start to look for a job?" The toast popped out of the toaster, scaring the life out him. I doubled over laughing as he began to pant.

"Job, huh? Should I start singing in the subways again?"

"No," Zayn replied, buttering his toast. "You need a real job, not a homeless person job."

"There's nothing wrong with being homeless," I crossed my arms.

"But you're not. You should start with something small, like... A waitress or something."

"But I don't want to be a waitress. I wanna sing. Can't you guys help me with that or something?"

"Let me hear you sing," Zayn crossed his arms and leant again the counter.

"Were you really that drunk?" I laughed. "I was singing the night you guys decided to take me home."

"Just sing."

I smiled and cleared my throat.

"Come on, Skinny Love, just last the year.
Pour a little salt, we were never here.
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my.
Staring at this sink of blood and crushed veneer.

"Tell my love to wreck it all.
Cut off all the ropes and let me fall.
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my."

Zayn stood, staring at me. "Wow," was all he could make out as I shrugged.

"That's such a beautiful so-"

Before I could finish my sentence, his lips were against mine. As good as it felt, I didn't feel a spark at all, nothing like Louis. I immediately put both of my hands on his shoulders and pushed him away.

"Callie, I-... Wait can I just-"

"No," I shook my head. "It's okay, Zayn." We stood in silence for a few seconds.

"I'm sorry," he hugged me and I smiled against chest. When he pulled away, he looked at me and said, "I'll help you get ready for an interview."


The next day was my first day at "The Bunk", a restaurant near the flat. I got into my "uniform" a black tee shirt with long black jeans and a white apron. I threw my blazing red hair into a long ponytail and smiled at myself.

I never thought being a waitress would be so hard. The rush of people flowing in one by one stressful enough, not to mention the pressure of having to be on time and perfect. I was exhoughsted by the end of the night.

Kat, my manager, patted me on the back. "Nice job today, Red." I smiled at her and watched the people file out the door. "We'll be closing up soon," she added, "just a few more dishes to wash." She motioned me to the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I out on my headphones and went to work.

I was probably shouting out the words to my music, but I didn't care.

"Well sometimes, I go out by myself, and I look across the water!
And I think I think of all the things, what'cha doing, and in my head I paint a picture!
'Cause since I've come home, well, my bodie's been a mess, and I miss your ginger hair, and the way you like to dress!
Won't you come on over, stop making a fool out of me!
Why don't you come on over, Valerie!"

Soap bubbles flew everywhere as I began dancing to the song, making me chuckle and turn around. When I turned around, Kat had her eyes narrowed at me in a questioning way.

"Sorry..." I began to scoop up the soap bubble lying on the floor.

"No! Your voice... It's amazing."
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