Over Again

Callie, a twenty year old drop out, was troubled from the start. She grew up in a bad part of New York and was raised by poor parents, who disappeared shortly after she turned sixteen. She decides to go to London to start a new life. She never suspects a super star to help her throughout her tough journey to the finish line, but as she encounters some bumps in the road, she isn't one hundred percent positive that she will make it.


5. Forget Like an Elephant

Louis's P.O.V.

Callie's been here for the past few weeks, and me and her have gotten extremely close. She's also gotten close with the guys too.

She got knew clothes and things for her room, although every few nights she comes into my bed with me (I'm not complaining). She is really beginning to start a new life.

And I think I'm starting to fall in love.

There was a carnival this week, and me and the boys and Callie were going. One of the reasons why I love her is because she can just wear a hoodie, leggings, and a scarf anywhere and still feel (and look) beautiful.

We entered the park and stared in awe at the fast rides and delicious looking foods.

"Wanna go on that ride?" Callie pointed to one of those swing rides that hang you from a swing seat and spin really fast.

"You read my mind," I smirked and we ran up to the ticket counter. Before Callie ordered, she looked at the lads and said "Anyone else?"

Harry and Niall stepped forward, but Liam and Zayn had their eye on a dart game. We got into the seats and the ride started. Harry, Niall, and I took our glasses off (we all have to wear sunglasses in case any teenage fan girl tries to attack).

~Five minutes later~
Callie's P.O.V.

Well, that was fun.

I felt like barfing. That was the fastest, most intense ride I have ever been on. But the best part about it was Louis held my the whole time.

We all got off, too dizzy to even walk. I heard a SNAP and looked around to see what it was, and I turns out, Louis didn't put his glasses back on after the ride. It was the paparazzi. And we were still holding hands.

Here comes some fresh new drama. But it was okay, because I'll have Louis by me the whole time.

I've pretty much forgotten about my awful life in New York. I know it's only been a few weeks but its been the best few weeks of my life.

We went some other rides (much less intense) and Louis won me a big stuffed bear during a game. Our last ride was a flying elephant ride similar to the one in Disney.

As we entered it, hand in hand, Louis kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you."
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