Miracles Do Happen

Peyton is probably one of the biggest directioner in her school. Along with her best friend Natalie. Her dream is to go to London with Natalie and meet One Direction. As and early christmas present, her parents are letting her and her best friend Natalie go to London for their Christmas break. When the girls reach London, they find out that One Direction is staying in the same hotel as them. But when Harry bumps into Peyton, her whole life changes.


4. What To Do

Natalie's P.O.V.

Peyton's parents are the best! The room their reserved for us us huge! It has two floors and a balcony! I noticed that Peyton was going upstairs, so I decided to follow her. We reach the top of the stairs and we see and amazing view of Big Ben. "I call the room this room!" I hear Peyton saying. "Okay! I'll be in the room next to you!" I Shout. I enter my room and jump on the bed. Wow, I can't believe I'm in London with my best-friend. I say to myself. I decided to take a nap. But about an hour later, I was awoken by Peyton's scream. I immediately run out of my room and start yelling Peyton's name. "Peyton! Where are you?!" "I'm in the balcony!" I hear her yell. I run down the stairs and go into the balcony and I find Peyton leaning over the railing. "What the hell are you doing?" I say to her. "There's a bunch of girls outside the hotel! Look." I take a quick look and notice she wasn't lying. "Why are they here?" I ask Peyton. "Maybe some kind of celebrity is staying here." She says. "Maybe."

Peyton's P.O.V.

"I'm really hungry." Natalie complains. "Yeah, me too. Why don't we go out and get something to eat?" I say. "Sounds great!" Natalie says. When we get out of the hotel, we are greeted by a bunch of screaming girls. Some of them were holding One Direction Posters. Then suddenly the screams got even louder. "OMG! Natalie look up!" I say while tugging on her shirt. I look up and find five angels waving. "AHHHH!" Natalie yells. The crowd gets quiet and then Louis starts to talk. "Hey guys! Louis here, just wanted to say that we are happy to be home and thank you for supporting us from the beginning." "I love you Boobear!" I yell. "Love you too beautiful!" Louis says back. A few seconds later I feel someone pulling me away. "C'mon! I'm hungry!" Natalie says. "Fine! Where do you want to go?" I tell her. "Nandos!" She tells me. "Nandos it is."

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