Miracles Do Happen

Peyton is probably one of the biggest directioner in her school. Along with her best friend Natalie. Her dream is to go to London with Natalie and meet One Direction. As and early christmas present, her parents are letting her and her best friend Natalie go to London for their Christmas break. When the girls reach London, they find out that One Direction is staying in the same hotel as them. But when Harry bumps into Peyton, her whole life changes.


3. London Here I Come

Peyton's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I got up right away and took a quick shower. I decided to wear something comfy since I was gonna be in the plane for a long time. So I decided to wear leggings, a long sleeve shirt, and my One Direction hoodie that my dad had given me, and my Ugg Bailey Button boots. I blow dry my hair then put it into a bun. I apply a decent amount of makeup, and run downstairs to eat break fast. As I reach the bottom of the stairs, I see Natalie in the couch sitting watching Sponge Bob. I yell, "Good Morning!" I think I scared her a little cause she threw her phone on the floor. "Don't ever, do that again!" Natalie says. I got into the kitchen and find a plate with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and a warm cup of hot chocolate. After having breakfast, I go back upstairs and brush my teeth. I grab my suitcase and my bag and hurry downstairs to get to the airport. When we reach the airport, everyone gave me hugs and kisses. "I'll miss you guys!" I say while hugging everyone. As we let go, me and Natalie go through security and board onto our plane.


We get of the plane and get our luggages. We went to the cafeteria to get Starbucks. Then we go outside to find a taxi. After 5 minutes we get into a cab and give him the address to the hotel my parents had reserved for us. As we pull up to a Five Star Hotel, me and Natalie pay the taxi driver and take our luggages. We enter the hotel and got to the front desk. "Umm, my parents reserved a room for us." I say to a lady who looks like she was around her 20's. "Peyton and Natalie?" says the lady. "That's us!" Natalie says. The lady hands me keys and says, "10th Floor. If you need anything just call the number that is on the vanity." "Thanks!" Me and Natalie say. We into the elevator and click the button that said 10. We find our room and as soon as we enter, our jaws drops open.


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