Miracles Do Happen

Peyton is probably one of the biggest directioner in her school. Along with her best friend Natalie. Her dream is to go to London with Natalie and meet One Direction. As and early christmas present, her parents are letting her and her best friend Natalie go to London for their Christmas break. When the girls reach London, they find out that One Direction is staying in the same hotel as them. But when Harry bumps into Peyton, her whole life changes.



Peyton's P.O.V>

I unlock the door to my house and run upstairs. I throw my things into my room and run back downstairs to ask my parents if what Natalie told was true. "MOM, DAD!" "In the kitchen honey!" I hear my mom yell. "Is it true that me and Natalie are going to London?" I ask almost out of breathe from running. "Yes sweetie. In fact you leave tomorrow." My dad says. "To-tomorrw?!?!" I say still in shock. "Yup! Now start packing cause your flight is 7:00 am." My mom says. Right after she had said that, I run as fast as I can to my room and start packing up. I get my laptop out and start face timing Natalie. Thank god she answered. "Hey, hey, hey!" I say practically screaming. "So are you ready to go to London?" Natalie asks. "Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this chance for the longest time!" I say. After talking for a few minutes we say bye and I start packing everything I need.

After packing:

It's been 3 hours and I'm finally done packing all my things that I will need. *KNOCK KNOCK* I open my door to find nobody. But I looked down and find presents. I bring them into my room, and start reading a note that was from my parents.

Dear Peyton,

Since you were going to London with Natalie, we decided to give your Christmas presents earlier. We hope you like them. And by the way you might have some more when you come back. Cause your aunts and uncles had sent some. We love you so much and please don't do anything crazy while your there. We trust you Peyton. And also, please try to face time us okay? We love you sweetie! Merry Christmas<3

Love, Mom and Dad 

AWW! I'm so blessed to have such loving parents! I open my first present which was from my little sister Miya. As I unwrapped my little sisters present I see Harry's face. I rip it open and find a One Direction pillow! I start hugging and kissing the pillow. Now, I can literally sleep with One Direction. I open the next gift which was from my other sister Levi. I open it and find a Coach wristlet, a huge pack of gum, and a One Direction ONSIE! I was seriosly start jumping up and down. The next present was quite big. It was from my older sister Paula. I open the box and find all five One Direction standees! I was so happy that I start screaming! Then were two presents left. I open the big one first which was from my mom. It was a Louis Vuitton handbag! I look inside and find a Pandora bracelet, Michael Kors Rose gold watch, a Viva La Juicy perfume, an iTunes gift card, a Starbucks gift card, and lastly a matching wallet. Then I open the last present which was a medium sized box. This last present was from my dad. Let me tell you something before I open it. My dad is a person who always knows what to get you. I open the medium sized box and find two One Direction tickets, two backstage passes and a hoodie that said One Direction! I was so shocked and happy at the same time, I start crying. I run out of my room and go into my parents' room and start crying into my dads shoulder. "Thank you so much dad! I love you so much! You're the best!" I say to him. "Your welcome sweet heart! Anything for my directioner!" I giggled when he said directioner.    

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