Miracles Do Happen

Peyton is probably one of the biggest directioner in her school. Along with her best friend Natalie. Her dream is to go to London with Natalie and meet One Direction. As and early christmas present, her parents are letting her and her best friend Natalie go to London for their Christmas break. When the girls reach London, they find out that One Direction is staying in the same hotel as them. But when Harry bumps into Peyton, her whole life changes.


1. Christmas Break!

Peyton's P.O.V.

I am so glad that Christmas break is almost here! Only a 20 minutes left! Hi my name is Peyton Marie Geltman. I am 17 years old and I have 3 siblings. Me and my best-friend Natalie are the BIGGEST directioners in our school. Well, that's what we think. "What are you doing for the break?" Natalie whispers to me. "I don't know yet. But I don't think I'm going away." I say. As of right now everyones counting down. 5,4,3,2,1 *BELL RINGS* Everyone is rushes out of the classroom while yelling "CHRISTMAS BREAK HERE WE COME!" "Wow. Everyone is pretty excited to get home." My friend Emily says. I drive home in my BMW that my parents had gotten me on my 16 birthday. As I start my engine, I turn on my radio and Heart Attack by One Direction comes on. I start belting it out. "And I'm like OWW! Never thought it hurt so bad. Getting over you."


Natalie: Hey guess what!

Me: What? And make it quick, I'm driving

Natalie: Okay, so my mom called my mom and said that me and you are going to London! AHHH!

Me: WHAT?!?!?! OMG!!!! I'll call you back when I get home okay! Bye

Natalie: BYE! 


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