I Would

Harry has always been comfortable with Bethanny, Niall's girlfriend. They've always been good friends, and Harry has always been satisfied with that. Until now... What happens when Harry starts to develop feelings for her?


1. Discovered by Skype

"Are you coming, Bethanny? I really would love for you to be there. Plus, Niall would, too." Harry whined, staring into my eyes. I sighed, his face on the screen waiting patiently for my answer. "I don't know. I'm really busy this weekend..." I trailed off. Harry groaned, running a hand through his dark hair. It was close to three in the morning where he and the rest of the boys were, and he had dark circles under his eyes. "Please? For me?... I mean, all of us want you to be here. Especially, um, Niall. You know we barely ever get a week off. It'll be fun." He tried. I looked away, breathing deeply. "Okay, Harry. I'll see you tomorrow, then. I have to pack, and you need to get to bed." I finally replied. Harry grinned. "Thanks, love. I'll see you tomorrow, then. I'll be sure to tell Niall you said hello." And with that, the screen went blank. I groaned. Niall. I hadn't asked about how he was our whole conversation. Some girlfriend I am.
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