Another Cinderella story

HI, my names Briana im living in L.A with my bestfriend Emily were both 18 and we come from abusive parents. We came to L.A with little money and horrible memories. One day i run into someone that will change my life forever.


3. The date

Me and Emily got ready in our best clothes we had, our high school graduation clothes. They were a little big on us but i think we looked good besides all the old scares or bruises we had. While getting ready in the bathroom me and emily here a door slam open. "EMILY?!" It sounded like oh no... "Emily go in the-" i get cut off. Emily's Ex Jessie comes rushing in the bathroom "WERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?!" He grabs emily by the hair she screams. "LET HER GO!!!" I try to punch him in the face, he throws emily on the floor and slaps me. He kicks me in the chest, snd looks at emily curled up in aball in the corner of bathroom. "I NEED MONEY FOR SMOKES" 'ITS IN THE JAR IN THE KITCHEN LEAVE US ALONE.." He takes the money and leaves, me and emily fix ourselfs up a little. I look at myself and i start to cry... I looked horrible i had a big bruise on my chest now it looks so obvious so one hurt me... Minutes later we start walking to the bustop.

On the way there i see my "crush" i guess you could call it, he so cutee hes the hottest latino in our neiborhood. He was with his "Gang" "Hey.." i say Him and his friends just start laughing, me and emily continue walking. "Its okay Briana, He's not a man..." We take the bus and we walk to this fancy mexican resturant. We see five boys standing outside, They were all wearing suits.

Emily's P.O.V

"Hey love" Niall says "Hey" I see all the boys looking at us strange because of how skinny we are and our brusises, but i was use to it.. I look over at Briana and she was staring at Harry the curly haired boy. I sorta nugged her a little. "Shall we go inside love?' he says histeracally. He put out his arm and our arms interlocked and we walked inside. Harry and briana and the rest of boys and there dates followed.

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