Another Cinderella story

HI, my names Briana im living in L.A with my bestfriend Emily were both 18 and we come from abusive parents. We came to L.A with little money and horrible memories. One day i run into someone that will change my life forever.


5. Goodbyes

I wake up nestled in harry's armpit last night was great, i barely know the kid but i honestly think im falling for him. I walk into the kitchen and i pour a glass of water someone grabs me from the behind "Hey babe" They whisper in my ear. I already know its harry by his hands. Then i look back into the living room and i dont see Emily or Niall anywhere. Then i see emily walk out of the bedroom it looked like she just came out of a tornado niall followd her from behind with his sexy morning hair. "What appenD to you?" i ask She doesnt respond, then somone walks in "TIME TO WAKE UP!!" Louis screams. "Goodmorning everybody!!" "Were leaving to the airport in a hour so be ready." Paul said. "Okay" We all go ready then it was time for the goodbyes...

Emily's P.O.V

I really like Niall, im happy i met him I just wish he didnt have to leave.. I reach over to Niall and wrap my arms around him.. "Im gonna miss you" Niall says "We'll back in a couple months" "Come on boys" paul says. I fell hard for this irishboy, i dont know what im gonna do.. I see Briana crying on harry's shoulder. I whispe in Niall's ear "i know we only met but i think its love.." 

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