Another Cinderella story

HI, my names Briana im living in L.A with my bestfriend Emily were both 18 and we come from abusive parents. We came to L.A with little money and horrible memories. One day i run into someone that will change my life forever.


4. getting to know the boys

IHarry's P.O.V

Yummmm... Tacossss im so hungry... Anyway these girls seem really nice, they have a lot of bruises and scars. It looks like Niall has a crush on Emily, and i have to admit Briana seems to be a really nice girl.

Briana's P.O.V

We all sat down at a big tabble. We all talked for a while, then a question came up.. "So why do you girls have all those bruises and scars on you??" Louis said you can tell he was a little drunk.. Liam snudgged Louis.. Louis girlfriend gave him a dirty look, "" emily didnt knew wha to say I didnt either i hate when people ask me that all i can remeber all the people in school asking me.. The painfull memories were all coming back i could feel the tears cominng up... Harry looked at me AND SAID "SO WHO WANTS TACOSS?"

*Later that night*

Me and emily went back to the hotel with everyone i dont know how they convinced us too. Everyone went in there own rooms besides me, niall, harry and emily. We ended up watching movies for the rest of the night and we ll ended up passing out on the couch.

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