Another Cinderella story

HI, my names Briana im living in L.A with my bestfriend Emily were both 18 and we come from abusive parents. We came to L.A with little money and horrible memories. One day i run into someone that will change my life forever.


2. Dreams

I walked into the house and i plot the smashed bread and chips on the counter. I see a note on the kitchen tabble and it says Went to Work be home later signed emily, I flop down on the coach and i drift back into sleep, I started dreaming it was about the boy that i met at the store he was just so perfect he was every girls dream boyfriend.

*2 Hours later*

I wake up to a loud bang iliterally jump into the air. Emily runs into the house screaming and jumping up and down she has a peice of paper in her hand. "WHAT HAPPEN?" "At work i met Niall Horan!!!" "What?" "FROM ONE DIRECTION" "Oh.." I was alittle dissapointed i thought we won the lottery or something.. "I also got his number and he has four other hot bestfriends" he says with a winky face "Emilyy you know im not looki--g" i say "BRIANAAAAA COME ONNNN JUST ONE DATE IT CANT BE THAT BADD!!!" 'ill think about it.." "Okay what are we gonna wear?!

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