Another Cinderella story

HI, my names Briana im living in L.A with my bestfriend Emily were both 18 and we come from abusive parents. We came to L.A with little money and horrible memories. One day i run into someone that will change my life forever.


1. Heart attack...

I woke up around late afternoon, emily was already awake staring at all are bills on the kitchen tabble.

We were going bankrupt they already threatned us about losing our water. I walked over to the refrigerator i look inside and i literally see nothing but milk and left over chinease food.  I pull out the milk and por a cup I sit across from emily. "What are we gonna do?" i say "I dont know." she says i start to see teardrops roll down her eyes. "Emily.. Dont cry.. We can get through this! I'll see if i can work extra tonight or i can got strip again.." "NO, not after what happen last time.." she says "Briana, we havent aten in three days!!" she screams. "I'll go to the store.."

I start to walk to the little store at the end of our street. We dont live in a good area anyway, so even if i stole a loaf of bread and some chips it wouldnt really matter.. I get to the store and theres really no one around.. Only some people outside the store that must have a broken tire or something, I stuff a loaf of bread in my jacket and a little bag on chips.. The guy who runs the store must of put up cameras and he screams "HEY! STOP!!" I run out of the store and i trip over a curb someone grabs my arm and i turn and punch them, i see a beautiful curly haired boy staring at me, It was amazing because compared to him im a ugly little skinny creature. He was about to say something but then i see the guy from the store run out. I bolt to our house when i get to the house i notice i left my bag full of change... GREAT.. I surely wasnt gonna go back there anyway...

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