The Magic of Music ( A One Direction Factfiction)

Marley Snow a teenage girl from the states who also happened to be Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's cousin. Marley is an ordinary person like every one else she has a dream a crush and secrets if her own. When Marley ges a surprise visit from Louis and the boys they turn Marleys life upside down. Marley moves to London with the boys to have everything go wrong. This book is about romance, lies, betrail , sorrow and more, so I hope you like it and get ready for a BIG surprise


28. The Call


We have been on the plane for several hours now so after a little longer we went landed to take a break, now the trp would have been shorter if it wasn't for Marley living in California so for our pit stop we stopped in Georgia. I got out of the plane to stretch and check my phone. When I turned it on I had a new text saying "Call me when you get this, make sure you're alone -K" we where going to be in Georgia for a while and it is around lunch time maybe we can swing into a place for a bite to eat. I went back into the plane to tell everybody that I was going to go for a walk, but really I was going to call Katherine back. When I got far enough away that I wasn't worried of anyone overhearing me I got my phone back out and called the number back.

"Hello?" the woman in the other line said

"Hi is this Katherine ?" I asked

"Yes I take it this is Louis calling back?" she asked

"Yeah" I said

"Are you alone ? " she asked

"Yeah no ones going to over hear" I said

"Okay, you can't tell Marley or anyone I don't want her to know." she started "I'm not really quite sure how to tell you this but um, you and Marley are not related ."

"Wait what did you say?!" I asked

"you and Marley are not cousins, you guys are in no way shape or form related" she said, I couldn't believe what I was hearing right now. I 'm not related to Marley? I find this out after I've beat myself up over the past few days because I keep thinking about her in a non family way. To find out we are not related ! If only I knew that sooner I wouldn't have been okay with Harry and Marley hooking up! This is unbelieveable ! "Hello Louis? "

"Yeah I'm here sorry." I said

"there is something else I want too tell you."she said

" okay what? " I asked thinking what else could there possibly be?

"You need to get her away from Harry , he's a dangerous boy you shouldnt trust him"

"Look I know that Harry may not have been the best boyfriend in his previous relationships but I wouldn't say hes dangerous. " I said

"You are not understanding me!! Harry is dangerous you have to get her away from him before something bad happends !" she said

"Look lady I think you need some help, I know tht you are telling the truth about me and Marley but to then say some sick twisted thing about Harry it shows you need help. I don't have anymore time to listen to youre nonsense , good bye Katherine " I said hanging up the phone

"Wai-" was all I heard as I closed my phone, I put it back into my pocket and went back to the plane.
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