The Magic of Music ( A One Direction Factfiction)

Marley Snow a teenage girl from the states who also happened to be Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's cousin. Marley is an ordinary person like every one else she has a dream a crush and secrets if her own. When Marley ges a surprise visit from Louis and the boys they turn Marleys life upside down. Marley moves to London with the boys to have everything go wrong. This book is about romance, lies, betrail , sorrow and more, so I hope you like it and get ready for a BIG surprise


35. Let's Get Drunk!


As I sat there in the back booth I listed to Marley sing. She's amazing! I was so tuned in to her singing I didn't even realize a girl had came and sat by me untill she until I felt something wet go down my arm. I looked over to see this girl had knocked down my drink and the drink was about ready to get on my pants so I slid out of the way.

"Hi there" this girl said, she had blond hair and was wearing a short tight blue dress. "My names Makayla Groad." she smelled like she was heavily intoxicated.

"Excuse me i must be going." I said as I got up and walked away. I am usually never rude exsecally to women but something about her told me not to get involved. Once Marley was done singing everyone apploused and cheered and then ... Gasped. I looked up to see what had happened and standing there right in the middle of the stage was Marley and Harry kissing. Exactly what wasn't supposed to happen happend, thats why Harry told me to walk in with Marley so the fans wouldn't know that they where dating. As soon as they where done Marley walked off stage and toward the back booth. I didn't want her to go over there with that creepy lady so I ran over to her and got in front of her.

"Oh hey there you are." Marley said smiling, I found myself drawn to her lips..... Oh how I wanted to kiss- 'stop it she's your best friends girlfriend ' a little voice in my head said.

"You were brilliant!" I said she blushed .

"You really think so?" she asked.

"Yes totally !" I said. "Wanna go get another drink?"

"Yeah sure" she said as we made our way over to the bar.

"Hello and what can I get you two?" this time it was a different bar tender.

"Um get me whatever will most likely get me drunk." Marley said

"Are you sure?" the tender asked Marley nodded . I didn't get to see what it was he gave her but she took a swig of it and seemed to like it. "And for you?"

"I'll have what she's having" I said and the bar tender went to go and get it. "Is that good?"

"Yes I don't know what it is though and frankly I don't care but I'm ready to get drunk!!!" Marley said

"Do you do stupid things when you drunk?" I asked she nodded big time... Well this should be fun , now if we are oth drunk and we kiss Harry can't blame us....... That much. The tender came back with my beer I took a drink of it and I wasn't quite sure what it was but Marley was right it was good.Marley started to head back to the back booth when I grabbed her arm and took her to the other one away from the Makayla girl. We sat down and then heard cheering we looked up to see the boys al comming onstage to preform. I figured that if wanted to hang out with Marley that this would probably be our only chance. "So are you having fun so far?"

" Yeah when they said we where going to a party this isn't what I imagined ." she said. "Do we have to stay for the whole thing?"

"I don't think so I'm sure that if you got tired or too drunk that Harry would be fine with us leaving." I said , I looked over to Marley she was frowning. "What's wrong?"

"I'm all out of beer" she said

"Here hold on" I said as I waved my hand up and ushered for a bar tender to come over this tender was the one that just served us to I help up two fingers and he knew exactly what I ment and then moments later he came over to our table with two more beers. Not long after that the boys came off stage and came to sit with us. Harry of corse sat next to Marley and threw an arm around her.

"You where amazing up there you totally too over the stage!" Harry said. Just then most of there fans came to sit by them. One squeezed right up against Harry and then Harry's arm dropped from Marleys shoulder onto this girl wearing a way to short black dress that made her butt and boobs hang out of them. The girl shoved closer to Harry making Marley squish into me. I put my arm around her waist in a friendly way because I had a feeling that she is going to need a shoulder to cry on in a little bit. In what seemed like 15 minuets Marley and I had want through 11 beers each .

"Are you drunk yet Marley?" I asked

"No are you?" she asked.

"If I was I wouldn't have known youre name." I said

"True" she said as she looked over to Harry and the hooker girl "Do you think he's drunk?"

"I've seen him drunk and he is not drunk." I said. That made Marley upset and the she stood up on the booth seat and stood onto the table walked acrossed the table and jumped off the other end landing perfectly. So I did the same but I nearly knocked the table down in the process Marley laughed. We we to the bar and got more drinks . We started talking and laughing together when Marley looked back over to the boys and saw Harry making out with the hooker . While the rest of the boys just talked with their fans they didn't seem drunk but yet none of them tried to stop him
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