The Magic of Music ( A One Direction Factfiction)

Marley Snow a teenage girl from the states who also happened to be Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's cousin. Marley is an ordinary person like every one else she has a dream a crush and secrets if her own. When Marley ges a surprise visit from Louis and the boys they turn Marleys life upside down. Marley moves to London with the boys to have everything go wrong. This book is about romance, lies, betrail , sorrow and more, so I hope you like it and get ready for a BIG surprise


12. I Think I Love Her.


Once Marley left all i could think about was her. i went back into her room where only an hour ago we where sleeping together. I plunked down onto the bed and breathed in the sent of her perfume on her bed sheets. Oh how I miss her and she has only been gone for an hour. I was deep in thought when all of the sudden there was a knock on the door. Who could possibly be here in at 9 o'clock? I walked to the front door and looked through the peep hole, i would have opened the door but halfway there i realized that i was only in my boxers, because i was just about to take a shower. Unbelievable on how they came to find my but standing on the front porch was the boys, so I let them in not caring that i was in my underwear i mean they've seen me in less than that. So i let them in closing the door behind Niall once he got all the way inside.

" Woah, what happened here?" Louis said looking me up and down.

"Nothing i was just about to take a shower" i said

"Mhm sure you better be telling me the truth because i'm going to be really disturbed if i find out that you've been banging my cousin." he said with a smirk. 

" Don't believe me? Go into the bathroom the waters running and my clothes are on the toilet" i replied 

"Oh no that's okay i believe you." Louis said.

"Well I'm going to go and finnish my shower but first i want to know , how did you find me?" I asked 

"Oh yeah, here " Louis said handing my a magazine . I looked at the cover and there I found a picture of me and Marley holding hands going to the movies. " Damn it Harry I thought that we wanted to keep our time here a secret!" Lou screamed.

"No you guys wanted to keep your time here a secret, I on the other hand wanted to go and have fun and get to see the city! We go to so many cities and we never get to even leave the hotel!" i screamed.

"Well whatever Harry just go take your shower and calm down." Louis said.

"I am not going to calm down Louis, because ...... I think I'm in love with Marley" i said

"You think your what?"Louis said.

"I'm in love with Marley and i want to get to go on dates with Marley and hold her hand and kiss her in public!" i said, and then i turned around and walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

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