The Magic of Music ( A One Direction Factfiction)

Marley Snow a teenage girl from the states who also happened to be Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's cousin. Marley is an ordinary person like every one else she has a dream a crush and secrets if her own. When Marley ges a surprise visit from Louis and the boys they turn Marleys life upside down. Marley moves to London with the boys to have everything go wrong. This book is about romance, lies, betrail , sorrow and more, so I hope you like it and get ready for a BIG surprise


48. Happy


I couldn't believe he was here, and it may be crazy for me to believe this is really Harry but it is I just know it is, I walked over to the door and locked it and then went to my bed and sat down Harry sat down next to me.

"I've missed you" harry said as he sat down.

"I've missed you too." I said.

"While I was locked up I learned something's from William , some things about you and Jace." Harry said.

"Oh Harry I was just mad at you or William." I said. Harry scooted closer and took my hands.

"I love you more than anything in the world I would never do anything to hurt you ever." he said

"How did you get out?" I asked.

"They both left and Makayla left a knife next to the table I was stuck to and o was able to reach it and cut the ropes off." he said.

"I'm sorry this happened to you, if it wasn't for you meeting me you wouldn't have had all this stuff happen to you!" I said

"You right if I didn't meet you, then I wouldn't have you." he said as he pulled me in and pulled us down on to the bed. I scooted in even closer.

"I don't want you to leave" I said trying not to cry. "We can go to the police have them arrested !"

"I don't think that will work." harry said brushing away a fallen tear. He leaned in and kissed me, as he pulled me on top of him, if I could kiss him untill I died I would. There was now no doubt in my mind that this was my Harry . He pulled away I looked at him puzzled.

"Is something wrong? " I asked

"I have to ask you something " he said sitting up with me. He picked me up and put me on the ground I stood there looking confused. It wasn't untill Harry got down on his knee and pulled out a small black box. Oh my god what is happening?! Is it really what I think! " Marley, I love you and I know that teenage marriage may be wrong but I don't want to wait, there could be a possibility that my life with you could end quickly and I wanted to ask you this before that could happen, so Marley Snow will you marry me?" he opened the box that was containing a shinny diamond ring. There was no holding back tears now I could feel as they trickled down my face.

"Yes!" I said and almost screamed, Harry smiled that brilliant smile of him and he put the ring on my finger stood up and swooped me into his arms, he kissed me passionately and long. My fingered intertwined through his hair as his hands tightened on my waist. There was a knock on the door, we pulled away. "Don't go anywhere" I quickly undressed and put a towel over my body as I craked the door. It was Jace.

"Hey is everthing alright you've been up here for a while." he said

"Yeah everything's fine I was just abut to get in the shower ill be down in an hour 2 tops." I said.

"Okay" he said. " I love you " I smiled and closed the door relocking it. I turned around and I didn't see Harry I looked around and still couldn't find him and then I was scooped off of my feet and carried into the bathroom.

"I think you need to be taking a shower." Harry said turning on the water. I turned around and looked at him for a while scared that could be the last time I see him.

"Why don't you join me?" I said. Harry chuckled he thought about it and then took his shirt off.

"What the hell!" he said. We got in the shower, I guess we got lucky because it is a really big shower. We didn't take a long shower , we took a quick one so we could watch tv or something afterwords. We got out and got dressed, Harry had left some of his clothes in my room from when this was his room, he grabbed them and out them on , once we where dressed we laied down under the covers and turned the tv on. I asked the house to turn on Fear Itself, we didn't really pay attention to the show we spent a lot of time talking and kissing. "I love you"

"I love you too" I said as I cuddled in close. "When do you think they will come looking for you?"

"In a day or to , so tomorrow or the next day" Harry said.

"So you will be here when I go to bed?" I asked

"Yes, but no one can know that I am here" Harry said.

"I will make sure they don't. But what are you going to do while I'm not here" I asked.

"Watch tv. Maybe hang out with Elizabeth " he said.

"I thought no one could know ." I said

"Elizabeth already knew she just couldn't say anything, how do you think I got in here" he said.

"True" I said and then some one called for me downstairs "well there's my cue , I got to go" I gave him a long kiss before I got out of the covers. "I love you"

"I love you too" he said I walked to the door opened I and shut it locking it behind me. As I walked down stairs I looked at the ring, it was beautiful not to big and not to small it was perfect on hy hand fitted and everything. Oh no what is Jace or the boys going to say if they see it. I know I'll just say its my grandmothers ring and I forgot that i packed it and I just found it. Yeah they should believe that , I reached the botto, stair and walked into the living room.
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