The Magic of Music ( A One Direction Factfiction)

Marley Snow a teenage girl from the states who also happened to be Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's cousin. Marley is an ordinary person like every one else she has a dream a crush and secrets if her own. When Marley ges a surprise visit from Louis and the boys they turn Marleys life upside down. Marley moves to London with the boys to have everything go wrong. This book is about romance, lies, betrail , sorrow and more, so I hope you like it and get ready for a BIG surprise


49. Doctor Who


As I entered the living room Jace came Up and kissed me. "What took you so long?" he asked when he was do e kissing me, and to be honest I didnt want to kiss anyone else but Harry.

"Oh nothing just a little sore from running so I took a little nap." I said

"Well next time you deside to take a nap call me I'd love to join " he said smiling. We walked over to the couch and sat down. We turned on Doctor who the very first episode of the 2000 series. I couldn't really concentrate on the the show all I was thinking about was Harry up stairs in my bed waiting for me.

"What time is it?" I asked

"5 pm." Jace said.

"Really?" I asked, I didn't think it was that late.

"Yeah" Jace said. " Who wants to eat?". Everyone raised there hand. We got up and jus had simple microwave mac&chesee.

"I might go to bed early." I said, standing up.

"Okay then I'll join you." Jace said getting up.

"No it's okay I'd kinda like to sleep alone if that's okay." I said

"Yeah sure" Jace said he seemed a little disappointed .

"I'm going to go." I said

"Reallyits really early" Jace said.

"Yeah I'm just sore and tired from running this morning" I said as I left the living room.

"Okay, I love you!" Jace called back, I didn't respond. I got to my room and unlocked it I walked in to find a sleeping Harry . I went to my closet and changed into pajamas and then I went to crawl not bed. Once I was covered in the blankets Harry grabbed me and pulled me in to his warm arms.

"I didn't want to wake you up." I said

" I don't mind, as long as its you that I wake up to." he said. I rolled over so our faces where to each other. "What is it?"

"Why won't you tell the boys hat you are here?" I asked.

"Becuase considering what William did they may not believe tha it is really me and I can't kiss them to prove it like it did with you." Harry said with a chuckle. "Now I have a question for you"

"Okay"I said.

"Do you ever won't to have kids?" he asked.

"Yes like 1 or 2" I said." Why?"

"What would you name them" he asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"And when we get through this , when would you like to have the wedding?" Harry asked .

"Any time." I said.

"Your birthday is the 16th right?" he asked

"Yeah." I said.

"Okay well then we shall have it on your birthday!" he said as he smiled.

"Spunds good to me!" I said and smiled back. "I'm tired but I don't want to go to sleep."

"Why not?" he asked.

"because I am worried that if I close my eyes you will be gone " I said

"No I will be here I promise, now if you are tired I want you to get some sleep" he said

"Are ou sure" I asked

"Yes get some sleep." he said, I tilted my head up and kissed him when we pulled away I cuddled into his arms and fell asleep.
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