Poster dream

Kate masters is a normal teenage girl with, brown hair and blue eyes and a massive love for one direction. Every day she looks at a brown curly head boy on a poster dreaming she will meet him....
This is my first movelle I hope you like it!


5. Twitter

Harry's POV:
*two days after the phone call*
I logged on to twitter hoping that I would find Kate's twitter account..... Yes there it is Kate Masters twitter account I looked at it it said " Harry asked for my phone number" " He hasn't called it was properly a setup to make me heart Brocken;( "
I suddenly realised that Kate gave me her number, but I didn't give her mine! So she was properly asleep then saw a weird number and ignored it.
I looked at the clock it was 4:30pm so I recalled Kate's number
* phone conversation*
Kate:hello Kate masters speaking
Harry: hello it's harry
Kate: harry, hi I thought you would never call I thought you were just prancing me when you said you were going to give me your number!
Harry: no I wasn't can we go to Starbucks and talk it over I want to see you please I will pick you up at your house in 30 mins ok? Byt
Kate:ok bye see you soon.

Kate's POV: I quickly threw on my coat and slip on's and relaid my makeup, because I was going out to Starbucks with a world famous boy from a world famous band I couldn't believe it I was so excited!!!!
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